1. Install Security Cameras

Visible security cameras remain one of the highest rated tools to effectively deter burglary. No criminal wants to be seen or recorded as they commit crimes. Once they identify a home that has a high level of potential threat to their goal of stealing from your home, they will move on to easier targets. This makes CCTV a crucial tool for Tucson home owners to keep their homes safe and secure.

New technology has afforded home owners a ton of options for video recording that include completely wireless solutions that can even be viewed at any time through your smartphone.

2. Test Your Windows

Once you have secured your doors, windows become of the most common point of access for burglars. This is more true for first-floor windows for obvious proximity reasons, however basement or second floor windows should be considered when assessing your total security capabilities. If you want true peace of mind for the safety of your home and family, then considering all windows as possible access points is the safest bet.

Initially check to make sure that all window locks are working and functional. Check specifically to see if you can open windows from the outside, even with a little aggressive force. If locking mechanisms fail with a little shaking of the window pane, then they are unreliable and should be replaced. Additionally, ensure that those living in the home are keeping windows locked when they are not in use.

Applying “window break” alarm sensors to your windows will provide the very best protection.

3. Eliminate Cover

Bushes, trees and foliage can provide excellent cover for burglars. As we’ve mentioned before, criminals are opportunistic when it comes to selecting homes to break into. By cutting back hedges and trimming bushes near doors, windows and access points behind the home, you are vastly improving your security footprint with natural deterrents.

4. Upgrade Your System

If you have not seriously looked at your current home security system in a few years, you might want to consider seeing what newer modern technology can bring to the table. From doorbell cameras to fully functional wireless alarm systems that can be accessed through a mobile phone app, Central Alarm Inc can help you vastly improve the security and monitoring with fast, effective and affordable solutions. Contact us today for details, pricing and promotions.