Consider Guard Service

If you are a growing business with physical property, managed guard service might be a great addition to your security footprint. Central Alarm Security is locally owned and operated, taking pride in employing the finest guards in the security industry. Our strict hiring and training standards go beyond state minimums to become fully licensed and certified. When you choose Central Alarm Security, you are in good hands.

Our guard services include professional security experts on hand or in roving patrols to meet any need for physical security.

Always Reevaluate

We recommend regular security evaluations in both business practice and equipment.

Technology continues to innovate new and more effective ways to handle your security needs.  These include robust features with cloud capabilities that can save you time and money as they regularly provide more functionality over time.

Additionally, your business itself is continually evolving.  If you’re adding new staff, expanding your products and services, while growing into new spaces, your security requirements change dramatically to ensure that you are not a victim from either employees or customers.  You can also consider adding access management to your security if you manage the data of your customers.

What Central Alarm Inc brings to the table is a source to continual availability of new technologies for our customers to help them with the very best in technology advancement without needed to do all the research on their own.

Don’t Skimp on Maintenance and Checks

Security is something that we often naturally left lapse in the mundane daily noise. It isn’t actively engaging us like some of the other pressing issues that come with running a business. But this crucial part of your security process ensure that those regular days keep happening day after day because you are not disrupted by burglaries, property damage or theft. Any potential issues that come up can be handled quickly and effectively.

Use Trusted Advice

Lastly, talk to the experts. Sometimes all it takes is to pick up the phone and ask our security professionals about some of the ideas they are considering. This is one of the biggest benefits that comes from working with a local company like Central Alarm Inc! We’re not some faceless corporation with endless overseas helpdesk menus. We live in your community and pick up the phone directly and we can help you make real impactful decisions about security concerns. We’re here for you!

Contact a team you can trust today and get started!