1. Install Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has come a long way over the years, and solutions are getting better, faster and even more affordable. Today there is little reason not to employ a video surveillance system because of how easy they are to install and how affordable they are. They give you access to remotely view what is happening in and around your business, and can provide remote off-site backups in the cloud to give you even more peace of mind.

2. Complete a Threat Analysis

When you work with a security expert, one of the first things that will occur is a threat analysis. This is a crucial step in understanding how best to secure your business, which includes a list of potential security threats, potential solutions and which tools make the most sense. This can include both actions on the part of the business owner as well as recommendations by our security team. We want to properly identify weak points and address those specifically to ensure you have the right solutions in place to guarantee your safety.

This doesn’t just apply to outside forces acting against you from the exterior. This also includes solutions to address both customer theft as well as employee theft.

We work with you to determine every possibility in order to employ common sense tools to install and maintain a high level of security for your business.

3. CCTV Consulting

Our commercial security experts can work with you to determine what type of video recording technology will work best for your specific situation. We offer a huge range of analog and digital solutions that can meet any of your requirements.

4. Install Monitored Alarms

Central Alarm Inc. will always recommend a monitored solution beyond self-monitored. Frankly, there is too much at stake at your business for your own livlihood and those of your employees to save a few dollars and potentially avoid your business from being damaged or burglarized. Any security expert will tell you this is one of the first steps to achieving a defense against attempts to break into your commercial space. Monitored solutions are managed remotely and can immediately tell when something is amiss and begin to notify the appropriate parties.

We can work with you to determine what system makes the most sense for your business and how these solutions can work for you to make an effective security footprint.

5. Warn Intruders

It might sound odd to announce to intruders that you have active recording, but studies clearly back up that criminal behavior is directly dictated by deterrent level. If it is clear that you are recording what is happening on the company premises, you provide a huge incentive for intruders to pass your company by. Posting clear signage and visible cameras around the inside and exterior of your property to make people aware they are being monitored is an excellent way to keep your business safer.

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