When you want to take your home security seriously, it’s time to call Central Alarm – your local security professionals for both home and business solutions.  Here are just a few tips to keep a better security profile around your home:

1. Upgrade Your Alarm System

A lot of folks today are just operating with antiquated alarm systems they’ve had for a long time and didn’t have any reason to upgrade.  That usually changes once the home gets burglarized and they realize some part of the system was no longer working, or something was malfunctioning, or that they simply didn’t know how to use it and forgot to set a crucial feature or arm it properly.  Take control of your security today with an upgraded smart home security system from Central Alarm that is competitively priced and offers all the bells and whistles you get with any national company but with the local advantage of a Tucson based company!

Get a completely free home assessment today from Central Alarm!

2. Keep Your Garage Door Secure

We’ve cover this in a post dedicated to Garage door safety that you can explore in more detail.  Don’t ignore of the largest openings to your home that provides excellent access to a lot of high value belongings.  Plus, many people keep spare keys or car keys right inside the home from a garage entrance.  This could allow a burglar to load up valuables, and then leave the home in your own vehicle.  This can be especially problematic in gated communities that have RFID readers attached to the vehicle to allow access later on.

3. Upgrade from DIY Solutions

DIY security has become more and more popular simply because of the ease and the advertised price point.  Once you get done with all of the add-ons and include important key features like monitoring however you’re paying about the same as you would going with more specialized options.  One of the main selling points offered by Central Alarm is that we offer the key feature of monitoring locally right here in Tucson for guaranteed safety, and often it’s the same amount you pay with DIY solutions, but with the added benefit of local protection you can count on!

4. Combat Porch Theft

As we explored in our post about combating porch theft, getting a doorbell camera that sits near your front door is an excellent addition to your total home security profile!  This can help deter thieves, keep packages safe, and provide evidence for police in the event of a theft.

5. Looking to Upgrade to Video?

There are a LOT of great new tools for video.  We’ve talked about where to put cameras around the home, but we feel like today has never been a better time to take advantage of affordable video solutions to help secure your home!

6. Get Automated!

Home automation can take on a lot of forms – but today’s modern technology makes it easy to put home security and lighting automation at your fingertips.  We’ll work with you to determine what automation makes sense for you, and our professionals can help walk you through very low cost options to keep your home even safer with home automation tips.