You Can Still Invest in a Security System

Today it’s easier than ever to install even a completely monitored alarm system to any living space, including apartments.  In fact, these spaces can be very inexpensive because there is simply less space and fewer entries that might require hardware to secure.  You can enjoy the same peace of mind and technology benefits that comes with complete home security that integrates with your smartphone or computer that is inexpensive and effective!

Don’t Live on the First Floor

If you can help it, living above the first floor is a far more secure location for apartment living.  The first floor offers immediate access through multiple entries in a very small amount of space.  Additionally apartments invest in landscaping that in many instances obscure views of first-floor windows or fences leading to patio doors.  These are excellent targets for potential thieves because they are easily concealed around these areas.  If you don’t have a physical impairment that makes living on an upper floor difficult, we recommend that you specifically request an upper-floor space.

Get to Know the Neighbors

Some principles that apply to homes also apply to apartment living as you’ll see more of below.  Getting to know your immediate neighbors is an incredibly powerful tool because the more tight knit a community is, the more difficult it is to be targeted.  If someone is looking to make quick work of stealing from an apartment, having neighbors that are more commonly around or more willing to ask why someone is there is a powerful deterrent.

You also have the added benefit of reciprocating keeping an eye on each other’s apartments when different parties are away.

Reinforce sliding doors

Sliding doors almost always have latch locks that are far weaker than normal bolt locks.  They do however always possess an easy solution to deny access – adjustable sliding door rods are simple and effective tools that are very inexpensive and reliably secure these large access points to a home.  Whenever you are not accessing your patio area, install an easy-to-use mechanism to keep this in place whenever you come back inside.

Get Window Smart!

Windows are some of the easiest ways to access any living space, be it an apartment or home.  And many thieves access windows that are simply left unlocked.  If you are using an alarm system, make sure you are utilizing sensors on windows both for opening and sensors for breaking glass.  Always keep windows locked, latched or barred.

Make sure that foliage is not building up around windows, providing cover for thieves to work on breaking in without being seen.

Invest in a Fireproof Safe

While almost all house fires are a surprise and even many homes do not have fireproof safes, don’t wait until you own or rent a home before investing in one.  Apartments however offer far less consistency for fires as you don’t have any control over what happens in adjacent units.  A fire several units down could threaten important documents, emergency cash or other valuables.  Even just a small inexpensive fireproof safe provides a huge return on investment in the event of any catastrophe.

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