Central Alarm in Tucson here to help you sort through all the security options that are available to homeowners.  As technology marches forward, we get a lot of questions like “What About Video?” and we can help you understand the options.

Doorbell Cameras

These devices became very popular a few years ago, and even more so now that so many people have spent time at home during the pandemic to keep packages safe.  In fact, based on the most recent research, package theft accounted for 1.7 million stolen packages off porches in the U.S.  That’s a staggering number that really takes only seconds for brazen thieves.

Police have repeatedly recommended doorbell cameras primarily as deterrents because:

As inexpensive as they are, it’s typically a good idea to upgrade to this modern tool to help keep your home just a little bit safer.

“Dumb” Versus “Smart” Security

Most older security systems that are in use today are going to be using a closed circuit system (also called CCTV).  These will have a stand alone device, or a home computer, that is literally hard wired to the camera system and records video or simply provides a live feed.  These are effective and they do exactly what they’re supposed to (assuming all the components are operational).

What you’re missing however is some of the modern advantages of smart home security systems.  In these scenarios you have your cameras working in tandem with the rest of the system, and even accessible by your phone device, tablet or laptop.  This comes in handy when you’re traveling or away for the evening, or simply want the peace of mind that comes with pulling up a live feed of your home at any time.

Work with the Local Pros!

When you work with Central Alarm, you interface with security professionals that can walk you through all of these options and you can select the features that make the most sense for you.  Our pricing is competitive with any national companies you might be talking to as well and as the local option right here in Tucson, you get monitoring you can trust for a price you can feel comfortable with.  Whether you need barebones security or an interconnected robust security solution with all the bells and whistles, we’re here for you!

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