We’re in that season again where people are getting ready to visit family for Thanksgiving. Here are just a few quick tips when you’re planning on heading out of town:

Call Your Security Company

When you work with a local Tucson company with actual employees like Central Alarm, giving us a call and letting us know you’ll be out of town is a good measure so that we know any activity on or around your home would be abnormal since you’re visiting family. That’s not something you’ll get with DIY security. We work closely with our customers to ensure their safety whether they are home or not.

Check Your Security System

Make sure you go through a quick check on all the security systems to ensure they are all working properly. If there is an issue you can troubleshoot it without the stress of it not working as you’re leaving town.

Trim Your Hedges

Any vegetation that is around your home blocking a view to gates, doors, or windows needs to be trimmed back. Mark a Saturday on your calendar in the coming weeks to spend some time ensuring all entryways are visible from any angle.

Install Automated Lights

Mounting automated lighting that is motion triggered is an excellent way to deter criminals that approach your home to check for open doors or easy access. Most hardware or big box stores carry numerous low-cost options that are fairly simple to install. Or it can be relatively inexpensive to hire an electrician to complete the final wiring.

As always, make sure you stay safe this upcoming season from all the folks here at Central Alarm!

If you have any questions or don’t currently have a security system in place and would like to leave for the holidays with that peace of mind – Give us a call today! One of our technicians can meet with you and get you up and running before the holiday season really comes into swing.

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