Most businesses both small and large still use standard locking mechanisms to keep their doors locked outside business hours. Despite its weaknesses, it’s still considered the gold standard when it comes to basic security. However, there is another option available that builds upon a more sophisticated technology: Keyless Entry.

Commercial property crime in places like Tucson isn’t significantly higher than in most other similar markets, except in certain States or cities that have begun to decriminalize theft to a certain dollar amount. While traditional locks and alarm systems still maintain what we feel is a required baseline of security, keyless entry systems create a higher profile of security combined with added convenience.

While Smart Locks can offer some of these convenience enhancements, they don’t come close to keyless entry solutions in the following areas:


Access can be provided to employees through a system that assigns that specific employee with a unique identifier that alerts owners when access is being granted and by whom. This can be important if you have employees that lose cards, or misuse access. There is always an accountability trail for who used which card and when.

Ease of Use

Employees can be granted access easily through software if they are terminated or new employees are brought on. This creates a simple onboarding process to grant access when and where you want. You can also set up multi-tiered access that can give employees separate access levels for more security options.

Peace of Mind

Keys can be easily duplicated once they are given to employees and there is no way to know if a key has been copied. Keyless entry provides complete control over who has access and when, and access can be given or taken away at will. Terminated employees can immediately be prohibited from re-entry.

Now, the drawback of keyless entry is that it costs more. If any of the aspects above are important to you, however, the benefits well outweigh the costs.

If you’d like to learn how keyless entry can benefit your business, let one of our local security experts know and we can set up a meeting to discuss implementing this into your business today.

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