If you don’t have a doorbell camera, chances are you’ve certainly seen one. This is one of the newest additions that many homeowners have been adding because it’s economical and it adds a real layer of security to your home that is practical.

A doorbell camera is installed in place of a regular doorbell, using the exact same wiring in most cases. This enables you to utilize an online app to view, record and even communicate with people that approach your door – whether you are at home or not. Do these solutions actually reduce crime though? The answer appears to be a resounding YES.

Surveying 422 burglars across North Carolina, Ohio and Kentucky, the University of North Carolina’s Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology found that most burglars considered outdoor cameras and other surveillance signs and equipment when choosing which homes to burgle. 60 percent of burglars said that if they found an alarm, they’d choose another target, and half said they’ leave immediately if they found an alarm during the burglary.

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Central Alarm has been providing exceptional security solutions in Tucson Arizona for more than 80 years. Part of our responsibility to our customers is to use the latest technology to keep them safe. That’s why we utilize doorbell cameras in our security solutions. Contact one of our security professionals today to get a home assessment. Part of our proposed solution will include a doorbell camera as a standard feature our systems provide. See why we’ve kept the great reputation of keeping you safe here at home for nearly a century!