Have you had the same old security system in place for as long as you can remember? Maybe you even moved into the home and the previous owner had a security system in place that you are not even paying for any longer. Or maybe it’s supposedly working but you haven’t ever tested it.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Home security is a lot like insurance. It’s something we set up, try to get the best price on, and then move on. And like insurance, it might be 5 or even 10 years before you even review it again. This represents the majority of homeowners that have aging security systems that in some cases may not even work right. You might also have set up a security system from a large national alarm chain years ago and are overpaying for basic service, and these companies are more than happy to keep taking your money each month. What we encourage you to do is simply take a moment to look at your security profile today and see what you actually have and what you are paying for.

Get an Upgrade Today!

It’s time for an upgrade. Our alarm professionals can visit you today and provide a complete overview including modern features to help keep your home or business safe. We offer free security reviews so that you can see what we recommend before committing to anything.

Central Alarm offers the very latest in alarm technology that includes camera solutions, doorbell cameras, and online access through a mobile app all with 24/7 monitoring that is affordable enough to even save you money from a larger alarm company.

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