Here are 4 “must have” solutions for homeowners to help protect their homes right here in Tucson. Central Alarm has been keeping you safe for over 80 years. We’re dedicated to your safety with the very best security solutions in Tucson.

1. Install Motion Lighting

Burglars are continually on the lookout for opportunities to get into an empty home and get out without anyone noticing them. Motion lights are a cheap and effective way to do just that. Initially, it puts doubt in the mind about whether or not someone is actually home. Certainly they are now visible instead of in darkness. Motion lights around access points of your home can cost as little as $15, and can help you alert neighbors to suspicious activity and also have the added benefit of security while you are not at home.

2. Add a Deadbolt Protector

Many burglars may know how to pick a lock regardless of what the packaging indicates. There are even YouTube channels dedicated to how quickly “pick-proof locks” can be bypassed. A tool that you can implement is actually going to physical hinder someone’s ability to open the door if it’s been picked or not, which is a deadbolt protector. This slides over your deadbolt that physical stops the deadbolt from being turned. You can find these in almost any hardware store or online for only a few dollars.

3. Reinforce Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding doors and windows are probably the single easiest entry point in most homes. The locks are incredibly basic and are easy to bypass without specialized tools. If you don’t want to fit all your entries with more expensive and complex locking mechanisms, you can simply use a lockbar across each entry to make opening it impossible from the outside without breaking the glass.

4. Get a Security System

While this sounds like an obvious “must have” from an alarm company, there is no getting around the stats. Based on nearly every study ever done in criminology with real burglars reveals that they are continually looking for alarm systems in order to avoid them. The fact is there are plenty of homes that do not have security systems, which means those that do are just more trouble than it’s worth.

Do yourself a favor and look into adding a security system to your home. While you might not want to incur the additional cost, just like insurance it’s expensive until it prevents a catastrophe. Alarm systems are more affordable than ever, with all the bells and whistles you can imagine, including 24 hour monitoring provided locally right here in Tucson. Give us a call and you’ll be surprised with how easy and affordable it can be!

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