Tip 1: Make it look like someone is home

Studies are pretty clear that criminals burglarize homes based solely on their opportunity to do so. If a home is more trouble than it’s worth, they will move on. Solutions like motion lights, exterior flood lights, automatic interior lights and utilizing features such as smarthome lighting are all excellent ways to make your home an uneasy target for would-be thieves.

Tip 2: Put valuables in a safe

Sometimes even with the best laid plans, you may be a victim of burglary. It’s a pretty good idea to protect your most vital possessions and identity information, such as passports and birth certificates, in a safe. This can also help protect them against fire if the safe is correctly fire-rated. We always recommend adding the extra layer of security of a home safe just in case.

Tip 3: Invest in Cameras

Today it is easier than ever to add security cameras to your home. This might simply be adding a doorbell camera to your front door. Exterior cameras can also now be wireless depending on the type of camera and features you are after. Cameras can both deter burglars and help you identify burglars if you do experience a home burglary. Doorbell cameras have also become very effective to deter porch thieves that are after delivery boxes.

These devices also give you the added benefit of mobile app functionality. This allows you to view your home and interact with people that are dropping off packages when your at work or even on vacation.

Tip 4: Don’t Overshare on Social Media

The temptation to always talk about when we’re leaving town or new large purchases can make you more vulnerable than you might think. You can also accidentally post sensitive information like your address if your not careful. Be mindful while online because you never know who will see your posts – it may simply be a friend of a friend that now has access to information such as where you live and how long you will be out of town. Nearly every burglar that will break into a home is utilizing Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.

Tip 5: Keep Spare Keys Secure

One of the startling statistics most homeowners don’t know is that over 60% of burglaries occur by someone walking right into the front door, either by using a key or it was unlocked. Many people try and hide keys around their property. We can absolutely guarantee this does not work. If you think of a clever place to put a key, so can a criminal. In fact, most people seem to come up with the same ideas on where best to hide keys, making it rather easy for most experienced criminals to find them.

Tip 6: Secure Sheds & Garages

Don’t let sheds and garages be an afterthought. Just because we don’t live in them, they usually end up being out of sight and out of mind. But most people keep valuable possessions in their garages and sheds including cars, atv’s, lawnmowers, expensive tools and other valuables. Don’t assume your house is the only part of your property at risk of being burglarized. Protect your possessions by keeping your garage and shed doors closed and securing them with extra locks when needed.

As always, we want to make sure you know that we’re here to help you make informed decisions about your security. We even offer free Home or Business security assessments just so that we can showcase why we’ve been successful in Tucson for nearly a century! Call or Email us today to learn more.