If you own a business, you are busy running the day to day operations that includes servicing customers, managing employees, running payroll, paying the bills – the list goes on. The last thing you want to do is worry about the safety of your business assets. And like most things that are there for protection, you don’t realize it’s there until you absolutely need it. A criminal looking to target your business that successfully breaks in and steals valuable information, technology, and equipment can absolutely ruin your day and disrupt employee focus. Don’t let this happen – be prepared before anything happens.

You may also be operating with very outdated systems. It may be time to take a critical look at your security profile in your Tucson small business.

Here are some reasons why looking at upgrading your security platform is the right choice.

Access Monitoring

Part of many alarm systems that Central Alarm installs for commercial use has a myriad of options that can be added for entry access. These state of the art solutions helps manage your employee access in far more accurate ways than trying to keep track of keys. Instead, employees are signed entry access that can be tracked and limited based on their roles. Further, access can be denied if an employee is terminated. Temporary access is also a useful tool for deliveries or contractors. All without the need to worry about if there any spare keys you forgot to collect or someone made a copy of.

Insurance Premiums

Burglar alarms, security alarm systems, monitoring systems, and fire prevention solutions have been proven to reduce the risk of damage or loss to your business. Your business insurance policy premiums may also be affected by the type of system you have installed.

Peace of Mind

The biggest reason you might look to upgrade your business security system is the peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands with active 24/7 monitoring right here locally in Tucson. If there is a problem, we’re here to keep you informed and ensure that emergency services are on the way. There’s a reason that we’ve been in business for nearly a century! Find out how this can help your business becoming even more successful with the right kind of security to protect your assets!

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