Doors are one of the key entryways into a home that can be greatly fortified in order to make a home more safe and secure. For example, by simply mounting common deadbolts more securely to the doorframe, homeowners can enjoy far better security. Other typical ways to improve security around entryways and doors is to opt for solid metal doors or solid wood doors as opposed to hollow and less structurally sound doors.

Safe And Secure Location

In addition, using stronger and longer screws when securing hardware related to door installation can go a long way in making a door harder to defeat. These simple strategies along with keeping a key with a dependable neighbor or hiding a key in a very safe and secure location on your property can allow emergency entry into your home without the need to destroy a door or window. Other options for homeowners include doorknob alarms that can easily be installed to supplement existing alarm systems. These little and inexpensive alarms work as a great supplement to larger more comprehensive alarm systems and can deliver a loud audible sound.

Wide-Angle Type Peepholes And Traditional Chain Locks

Doors incorporating glass into their design can be greatly enhanced by using metal grilling or other decorative metal art that also serves as a security feature. Another option with regard to glass doors is to replace existing glass with safety glass that is stronger and more resistant to tampering and breakage. Wide-angle type peepholes and traditional chain locks can also improve security around your home. And of course, it is always a good idea to refrain from pasting notes on your door that let others know you are out of town or way for the day.

Windows Can Also Be Reinforced

Finally, those with pets should avoid installing a pet friendly door. These types of doors can offer an entry option to criminals, thieves and would-be vandals. Play it safe and find other options for your pets when it comes to entering and exiting your home. As an added note, windows can also be reinforced around your home by installing shatterproof glass that is resistant to tampering and breakage. Windows can also be reinforced with metal grating or decorative metal art. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about Tucson alarm systems that are designed to protect homes and businesses.

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