More homes are burglarized on a daily basis around the country than most people might imagine. And the holidays are no exception! In fact, the frequency and severity of break-ins is only increasing around the country each and every year. As more and more homeowners become aware of these simple facts they are taking more aggressive actions to greatly reduce the likelihood of an unexpected break in. As such, here a few simple strategies and techniques that can help.

Clear Invitation

For example, the old idea of leaving a spare key outside is simply not a good strategy in today’s uncertain world. Burglars, thieves and vandals know all too well that homeowners use this technique as a way to make it easy to enter their home if they forget their keys. However, with that said, this is a clear invitation to thieves to simply walk into your home and take anything that they desire. Homeowners can opt for simply leaving a spare key with a neighbor or friend instead.

Access A Private Residence

In other instances, homeowners have even been known to use a combination type lockbox or some other type of locking device to store a key outdoors. Most importantly, homeowners should never add identifying information to the keys of their home. This is another way to make it even easier for burglars to access a private residence. In addition, cutting back shrubs, bushes and trees can greatly reduce the chances that burglars will have a hiding spot around your home. Thieves and crooks frequently take advantage of hiding places around a residential home to plan their strategy when preparing to break into a home.

Helping Homeowners To Make The Right Choices

Best of all, when these simple strategies and techniques are combined with an effective home alarm system and video surveillance, the chances of a break-in are substantially reduced. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable alarm company is one of the first steps that a homeowner should take to enjoy the best that modern security systems make available. It is easier than most homeowners might imagine avoiding becoming a statistic with regard to a home break-in. More times than not common sense prevails, helping homeowners to make the right choices to prevent unauthorized entry. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson residential alarms as well as Tucson business alarms that exceed expectations.

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