Continuing to Add Resources

Posted on Oct 01, 2021

Central Alarm is committed to the ongoing development and implementation of modern security solutions for our customers. Security for home owners and business owners alike can oftentimes go out of sight and out of mind because of the passive …

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Security Tips for Closing Time

Posted on Sep 14, 2021

Poor habits that become routine operations can be a huge mistake for small businesses. As a small business, you can’t afford to halt operations to deal with equipment theft or property damage. There are many ways to maintain good …

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Have You Recently Done a Security Audit?

Posted on Aug 28, 2021

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that technology moves pretty quickly. The security industry is no exception. In general security usually falls in the “set it and forget” it category of our daily living. Like many …

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The Benefits of Adding Video to Your Security

Posted on Aug 10, 2021

Today we’re not just seeing varying levels of crime escalation, but we’re also seeing criminal behavior vastly shift. For example, 10 years ago the idea of delivery package theft was non-existent. Today it’s a growing trend for criminals …

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Meet Your Neighbors

Posted on Jul 24, 2021

If you haven’t had a chance to meet your neighbors, it’s never too late to open the lines of communication. Even if you’re not great personal friends, neighbors typically will be grateful for mutually beneficial partnerships to keep an …

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Happy 4th of July to Our Tucson Community!

Posted on Jul 04, 2021

From our Central Alarm Family to yours, Happy 4th of July! We want to thank our local Tucson community for their continued support in our products and services and we want to ensure that you are safe these holidays.

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Taking Advantage Of Your Local Police to Stay Safer

Posted on Jun 21, 2021

A resource that Tucson home owners might not typically think of are local police departments. They are not just for calling 911 when an emergency occurs. They invest a large amount of resources and revenue each year into …

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Tips to Keep Burglars Confused to Reduce Break-ins

Posted on Jun 02, 2021

One of the most cost-effective methods to reduce break-ins for homes is to keep burglars confused or guessing. We’ve covered numerous times before that most break-ins or burglaries are crimes of opportunity and timing. When thieves are uncertain …

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