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  1. Considering an Upgrade to Your Security?

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    Central Alarm, Inc has been proudly serving Tucson since 1939 and we’re not afraid to say we think we’re the best in the business! Sometimes we get questions about what makes us such a great company to work with instead of a larger company, and here are some of the reasons:


    We’re a family owned and local business where every single employee works, shops and lives right here in Tucson. Supporting local business maintains a strong and healthy community and we support shopping local!

    We’ve Got It All

    We have all the new technology! Think all the new gadgets with advanced technology are only found with the big companies? We make smart partnerships with companies that only provide the very best solutions for our customers, which includes the very same technology and advancements found in larger corporations, such as’s complete lineup.

    Fast to Adapt and Adopt!

    We’re adaptable! Being a small company, we can more rapidly test, certify and deploy new security solutions where larger companies have a much larger footprint across the country and thousands of sales people to consider. This frees our folks up to do higher quality work often times before the big boys!

    So if you are thinking of leveling up the security on your home or business today with remote technology, mobile functionality, door cameras and advanced surveillance systems or even just a simple monitored security solution that can’t be bypassed like DIY systems, then give us a call today – We can’t wait to meet you!

  2. Being Preparred

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    Central Alarm has been dedicated to your safety since the 1930s.  We’re a trusted name in security for both home and business security solutions right here in Tucson.  As we continue to grow, develop new technologies and solutions for your customers, we want to help our local families maintain a clear way to stay safe from danger that threatens your home.

    As a family, it’s important for those in your home to know what to do in the event of an emergency.  This can include natural disaster, break-ins, fire alarms or any other kind of emergency.  Here are just a few areas that you can help keep your family safe:

    Fire Safety Plan

    Make sure you communicate a safety strategy with anyone that lives in your home.  This includes how to most effectively exit the home and where to meet up afterward.  This also includes ensuring that children understand they are not to try and find pets or valuables but to exit the home immediately.  We sometimes take for granted knowledge as an adult and fail to communicate that to minors living in the home.

    For example, telling someone to feel a door or doorknob for warmth prior to opening the door in a potential fire situation is important so that they can change tactics to exit through a window can save lives.

    Take the time to communicate these necessities to your family!

    Alarm Plan

    At this point, we’re assuming that you have a security system in place and are actively using it.  If you don’t, we invite you to call Central Alarm today.  Our helpful technicians can help get you into a system that meets your needs and budget.

    In the event of an alarm sounding, children should immediately lock the doors to their bedrooms. They should not roam the home looking for the cause of the alarm.   Contrary to what we see in the entertainment, do not make a lot of sound to indicate to an intruder that they have messed with the wrong house.  At the initial point of a break-in, you are not sure how many people are in your home or what they are specifically after. Adults should call 911 immediately and speak very clearly and concisely to emergency personnel.

    Keep an Open Line of Communication with Neighbors

    A crucial difference between safe and unsafe neighborhoods actually usually lies in the connections with neighbors.  There is a reason why neighborhood watches remain one of the most effective ways to reduce crime in any area.  We recommend that you build at least a baseline relationship with your neighbors to remain open to letting them know when you will be out of town, if you see suspicious behavior around the area and exchange phone numbers in case of emergency.

    Keep an Emergency Bag Available

    In the event of an injury or fire in the home, it’s important to plan on having critical medication and supplies available right away such as inhalers, heart medication, epinephrine autoinjectors (EpiPens), insulin and others.  Have a bag that is maintained regularly in a place that is easy to grab in a bedroom that is small enough to take with you immediately in an emergency.

  3. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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    Neighbors can be one of the more powerful tools when it comes to security.  Our end-of-summer tip is if you haven’t begun building relationships with your neighbors, maybe it’s time to fire up your grill and get to know the neighbors.

    Familiarity Creates Safety

    Criminals thrive on obscurity.  There is a reason that active local neighborhood watch groups consistently reduce crime.  If someone that doesn’t belong in the neighborhood is seen checking homes for security or seeing which homes might be prime targets for theft, and they are approached or it’s clear that neighbors are keeping track of them, those criminals will typically move on to another area.  Making visible cues that you see unknown people in your neighborhood is a huge deterrent.

    Emergency Plans

    Neighbors can also play a big role in emergency plans.  When your family knows to meet at a certain location if an emergency strikes, such as a house fire, it’s can also be important to have neighbors become a meeting place.  Neighbors can also be familiar with necessary requirements such as whether or not family members require life saving medications such as inhalers or insulin.

    Have Neighbors Check In

    If you are on vacation or out of the home for a day, having neighbors that can check in on your home go a long way to ensure that it’s not a target for theft.  If a criminal suspects your home will be vacant for a few days but can visibly see others checking in on the property, this creates an immediate apprehension to break into the home.

    In addition to a great security system, make sure you invest in your local community as well.  Knowing your neighbors have your back and you have theirs is an easy way to maintain a healthy and safe environment for you and your family.

  4. Buying or Building a New Home?

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    If you are considering buying or building a new home, the question about security comes into play: what kind of system should we install in our new home?

    If you are building a new home, this is an exciting time for home owners because they can see their home come together from the ground up.  If you are building a new home, what we recommend is having a conversation with one of our security specialists to get a complete picture of your options.  Should you use a traditional wired system?  Should you use a completely wireless system?  What are the advantages and disadvantages?  Should we plan on having cameras around the home?  There are some important questions that can dictate how you plan some of your wiring solutions during construction.

    Technology advancements are happening quickly.  Home owners that have “cutting edge” systems from even 5 to 8 years ago might be surprised to learn about huge advancements in technology in even that short amount of time.  Central Alarm offers solutions ranging from security that is available to mobile phones to home lighting automation.

    Buying a new home could be great opportunity to move into a completely automated smart home that ties your whole home security into your mobile device for easy management and viewing.  Go to work and take vacations with the peace of mind knowing you have a full view of your entire security profile and complete monitoring from a local trusted provider!

  5. Make Your Home Unappealing to Criminals

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    Criminals that would break into your home thrive on obscurity and speed.  In order to enhance your overall security profile, we need to look for ways that universally provide better protection if someone is looking to burglarize your home.

    Based on decades of research, there are three areas that are bullet proof ways to greatly enhance your home security:


    This remains one of the highest deterrents that keep your home safe.  Being able to see what someone is doing in and around your home is the single greatest advantage a criminal has to gaining access to your belongings.  If they are clearly visible at all vantage points of your home, both front and back, there is a much higher chance they will pass your home by for an easier target.

    Trimming bushes, shrubs and trees that obscure entrances will ensure that the can’t spend the time necessary to break into the home without being seen.

    Tall fences in the back may look good aesthetically but remember the compromise is that if someone can easily gain access to the back yard and they can be completely unseen, this can pose a security threat.  This becomes a much higher problem if you have a dedicated alley that would allow a thief to bring a vehicle to a back gate.

    Lighting is another important aspect in this category.  If entrances are well-lit, and pathways to the back of the structure have large amounts of lighting or lights set to motions sensors, this is a huge deterrent to a would-be burglar.

    Prominent Security

    Showcasing that you have a security system in place goes a long way to deter criminals.  Having for example a Central Alarm protection sign in front of your home is an immediate visible deterrent if a criminal is looking at your home to potentially steal belongings from.

    As security gets more advanced, criminals are also able to see that you have sensors on your windows that will be triggered if the glass is broken or the window is opened.

    Get a Dog

    There is some debate on whether this is actually a deterrent.  Based on research conducted by interviewing convicted criminals, dogs are always considered an additional challenge when breaking into a home.  They are loud, potentially hostile and complicate entry and exit from the home.  If you are considering getting a dog already, this may be one more reason to proceed.


    The professionals at Central Alarm are here to help secure your home today.  Our modern equipment and fully monitored solutions provide you with cutting edge security.  While these are ways that you can secure your home, we go a step further and can use advanced technology such as surveillance, doorbell cameras, smart locks, whole-home smart systems and much more.  Please contact us today to set up a completely free home security assessment that includes a wide range of pricing options.

  6. Combating Porch Package Theft

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    We’ve all heard or seen the stories of people stealing packages right off the porches of homes. According to the most recent statistics, more than 5.5 million larceny thefts were reported across the country.  With nearly 8 out of 10 people shopping regularly online, it’s easy to guess that package theft is rising.  Based on country-wide statistics, the number of thefts has risen 13% over last year.

    What can you do to protect yourself?

    Doorbell Cameras

    Central Alarm offers the same high end doorbell cameras that you can order from any alarm system found online or national alarm company.  These are a part of our standard recommended security packages that add both convenience and security to your front porch.  Thieves are far less likely to strike homes that clearly indicate that they are recording what occurs in front of their door.

    Visible Exterior Cameras

    You can also take steps to stop this from happening by adding video surveillance cameras to your home that are visible and easy to spot for those that get near the home.  These not only make it more daunting for would-be thieves to steal from you, but it also increases the overall security of your property for those that might look to break into the home.

    Let the Local Professionals Help You Today

    Central Alarm can give your home or business a completely free security audit and quote to determine what you can do to dramatically increase the security of your home.  If you haven’t look at many of these modern solutions, it might surprise you how many tools are at your disposal and how affordable it really is.  Give us a call today and we would love to help you in any way we can.

  7. Do NOT Use Hide-a-Keys

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    At Central Alarm, we’re always encouraging our customers to follow industry-standard best practices.

    It’s still pretty common today for people that own homes to use Hide-a-Keys around their house, or to simply put a key where they think someone can’t find it.  We recommend to ALL of our customers that they do not follow these practices as they severely reduce the security of your entire home.

    Hidden Keys Aren’t Hidden

    As much as it might feel like a clever hiding place, trust us – burglars know all of them.  There are only so many places that a key can be hidden around a home and still be accessible in need.  Those that are truly interested in gaining entry into the home have likely a working understanding of where most places may contain a hidden key.  Consider also it may only take 5 minutes to thoroughly check most places a key might be hidden.

    Hide-a-Key specific solutions like terrain are extremely easy to spot.

    Key Lockbox

    Another more secure option if you always want to keep a key handy is to use a key lockbox that has a sophisticated enough code to make it difficult to guess.  These can be securely mounted to the structure and take a significant amount of work to break into.  These offer a cheap solution to simply keeping a key above the door frame or on top of a lamp in the back yard.

    Smart Locks

    If you want to go key-less, or provide a way for other people to get into the home like children or other family members, a much more suitable option is a Smart Lock that allows you to use a code in order to unlock the door.  These technologies have come quite a ways in the last decade and offer the convenience of keyless entry into the home with the added security of at least up to a 5 digit code.

    We do however recommend that you change your code semi-regularly as the number of people that might know the code can grow.  Once a year it’s a good practice to change your code and redistribute it to those that need access.

    There are additional tools coming out as well that utilize phone entry solutions using WiFi and Bluetooth.

    Please stay safe out there and remember that Central Alarm is here for all of your home or business security needs!


  8. Garage Door Safety

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    Garage doors are an incredibly huge potential entry point to a home and it’s one area that can be often overlooked. And while it initially may seem unlikely, it can be a very effective way for criminals to have even more time in your home. Once the garage door has been accessed, it can be closed behind intruders so that the break-in is far less visible from the outside.

    Here are a few recommended tips to make this less likely:

    • Invest in a garage door remote sensor that can alert your phone when the door has opened if your opener does not have this feature.
    • The easiest way for criminals to access your garage is for home owners to leave their door opener remotes in their vehicles parked outside the garage. This is by far the most common way entry is made.
    • Secure your emergency release to prevent easy access. This can be accomplished by adding a barrier between the top of the door and the release.
    • Ensure that the door leading to your home from the inside of the garage is secured by a deadbolt and that you keep this locked when you are inside the home. You can also install a peep hole on these doors which can add just a little more security.
    • Install bright motion sensing lights in the garage to bring attention to an open door.

    Lastly, garage door openers are not usually the first priority in terms of technology upgrades, but if you have an older unit, it may be worth considering upgrading. Technology advancements have been significant with the addition to mobile technology. Today standard garage door opening units include features such as wireless access via wifi or mobile phones with alerts to tell you when the door is open or closed and access controls to close the door.

    For more tips and information, please see our other posts. Our security professionals are also ready to help you may your home safe and secure! Just give us a call today to learn more.

  9. Secure Entryways

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    Doors and windows are the clear pathways into the home. In addition to smart security decisions, like having an active system that is monitored by professionals such as Central Alarm, home owners can employ a few common sense additions to just make it difficult enough that gaining entry into the home isn’t worth it.


    The obvious first step is to ensure you have a deadbolt in your doorframe. This doesn’t usually apply to new homes however there are many older homes that deadbolts are not installed, or are non-functioning. Inspect your current deadbolts as well – if they were not installed properly or the wood has been compromised, it can easily collapse if a door is kicked in.

    Use Correct Hardware

    As previously mentioned, make sure that your materials are not only in good shape, but also that they were installed correctly. For example, using longer screws when mounting door hardware will significantly increase its strength when a door is forced open. Sometimes deadbolts are installed so that they lock into place without the metal bracket, which will also provide a poor support in case of a forced entry.

    Sliding Doors

    Many Tucson homes have sliding glass doors in the back. These can be easily bypassed because their locks are very simple. The easiest way to fix this vulnerability is to add a slide bar. They are simple, effective and cheap.

    Security Doors

    The most costly additional layer of security you can add are metal security doors that can be added to an entry area. This extra layer of protection can be an easy way to deter potential thieves because it doubles the number of entries that need to be bypassed to enter the home.

    Pet Doors

    This is a tough topic. They offer convenience, but at the cost of security. Gaining access to a home through a dog or cat door is relatively simple. There are ways to add security to pet doors to help mitigate this gap in your security, and our professionals can work with you to make decisions that make the most sense for you.

    Don’t Forget About Windows

    Windows can also be reinforced around your home by installing shatterproof glass that is resistant to tampering and breakage. Windows can also be reinforced with metal grating or decorative metal art. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about Tucson alarm systems that are designed to protect homes and businesses.

  10. Is the Cost of Security Worth It?

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    Sometimes as savvy home owners, we like to cut costs and keep a lean budget. When we’re looking at which costs to cut and which to keep, a lot of times an alarm system gets cut along with the cable service.

    Security professionals and consultants largely agree that this truly is a case of whether you can afford not to protect your assets. Security is a lot like an insurance policy. Home or business owners don’t take purchase insurance policies when they know something is going to happen. In the same way insurance is there in the event a life circumstance happens to you, security systems provide a safety net that will deter most attempts to break into your home and threaten your assets.

    Better Than Insurance

    Unlike insurance policies, security actively works for you even if you don’t realize it. By simply having security components on your property, such as visible cameras, lighting, panels, alarms and identification of the security you employ, you are immediately deterring potential threats because burglars looking to gain access to easy options will pass your home or business 9 times out of 10.

    The question we’d like to ask is: when was the last time you had an in-depth security consultation with a professional like Central Alarm? We’re a local provider that provides a massive range of products and services that compete with any national company at a wide range of price points. We can give you a completely free security review and help you determine what type of security options make the most sense for your home or business and walk through pricing that can work for your budget!

    Make sure you, your home, your business, your assets AND your family are safe today and give us a call to set up your absolutely free assessment with no obligation beyond our friendly faces.