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  1. Security Tips for Closing Time

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    Poor habits that become routine operations can be a huge mistake for small businesses. As a small business, you can’t afford to halt operations to deal with equipment theft or property damage. There are many ways to maintain good business security habits and one of them is to ensure that you have a solid closing practice in place.

    Turn on Storefront Overnight and Exterior Lights

    Visibility is the primary deterrent to most potential theft. This includes large signage or posters that can be taken down off large windows as you work through the closeout process. Being seen by multiple angles from the street with high visibility will make an impact in a criminals decision to target your business.

    This also includes exterior lighting. Ensure you have lighting that covers the entire property, both front and back entrances specifically. As you lock up each evening, ensure that you don’t have burnt out bulbs as well. Keep a stock of spare bulbs near areas that require them so that lighting that isn’t functional can be quickly replaced without a hassle. That will ensure employees can easily solve that problem if they are closing.

    Make Sure Everyone Has Left

    Do a sweep of all side rooms, stock rooms, changing rooms, storage areas and places that someone could hide while you lock up. Having someone inside the business when you have left negates many precautions you take to ensure the business is secure. They can turn off lights and unlock doors instantly and be away with valuables in minutes, or in a worst case scenario steal a large amount in a coordinated effort.

    Turn Off Equipment

    Security also means safety. Checking employee areas for items like space heaters, decorative lights, cooking appliances like coffee makers and any other electrical equipment than can cause a fire can save your small business in the event of a malfunction that leads to a devastating fire.

    It is probably a good idea also to property store flammables or combustibles away securely.

    Lock Away Cash & Valuables

    It should go without saying that you should have a safe to store valuables and cash register overnight or throughout the weekend, but there are continually instances where a burglar is able to get quick access to a cash register and get away within seconds with a large amount of cash. Don’t let this very simple fix cause your business thousands.

    Ensure You Have a Good Security System

    The right security solution is a lot like the right kind of insurance. Take the time to properly set up a system that works for your business needs at the start so that you know you are protected. This includes the right access security, ability to monitor your business, the correct monitoring services and even making sure you have additions like fire protection. The cost of these systems can be surprisingly affordable and are far less expensive than an incident that occurs because they were not in place.

  2. Have You Recently Done a Security Audit?

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    It probably won’t surprise you to hear that technology moves pretty quickly. The security industry is no exception. In general security usually falls in the “set it and forget” it category of our daily living. Like many of these similar things, we end up waiting a lot longer than we realize to make sure that it’s both working properly and that it’s up to date. You might have a decade old system that has none of the conveniences of more modern systems.

    Is It Even Working?

    Make sure that if you have an alarm system that it’s actually operational. Imagine if your system is only partially functioning, and someone breaks a window, but the system does not recognize all of the sensors and it goes undetected. You aren’t actually sure if all of it is completely functioning until you do a diagnostic and verify all of the sensors are active and communicating.

    Does It Still Fit Your Needs?

    Maybe you are using an alarm system that was there when you first moved into a home and it has been several years. Do you know if it’s actually connected to an outside monitoring solution? If someone breaks into your home, does it alert the police? Is there are fire alarm integration? Does it have smartphone integration?

    Or perhaps you set up a very rudimentary security system with only door sensors because it wasn’t that important. But over the last few years you now have more valuable belongings and a family with pets. You now want to add fire protection and ensure all entries are covered with features like breaking glass detection.

    Maybe you simply want complete access to your entire system remotely through phone and web apps.

    If you are still using only the security sign you got from a neighbor and don’t even have an actual system in place, or you have a decade old DIY security system in place, we recommend taking a couple hours on a Saturday morning to test your current system and do a substantial audit of your security needs.

    Schedule a Free Consultation!

    If you would like to schedule a completely free at home walkthrough and audit of your security needs, we would love to hear from you. Our goal is to ensure your security based on your needs and budget, and we know you’ll be surprised by how affordable a complete peace-of-mind robust security solution can be. Give us a call today to find out more!

  3. The Benefits of Adding Video to Your Security

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    Today we’re not just seeing varying levels of crime escalation, but we’re also seeing criminal behavior vastly shift. For example, 10 years ago the idea of delivery package theft was non-existent. Today it’s a growing trend for criminals because of easy access and low risk. These are some of the practical reasons that adding video surveillance to your security system is just good common sense.

    Residential Applications

    The most common modern application is the addition of a simple doorbell camera. This useful technological advancement offers both safety and security keeps an eye on your front door that can include voice integration. Criminals think twice about stealing packages from your front door knowing they are being recorded. While it can’t stop all theft, it is a low investment solution to deter a large margin of possible burglary.

    Adding visible cameras around your property also provide a very effective deterrent for criminals that immediately understand they are visible as they move around the home. Thieves are almost always going to be looking for easy opportunities, and having no idea if the property owner can literally see them moving around the home and could be calling the police is a high motivator in moving on to another target.

    In most cases newer more modern video additions can be added with very little wiring. These advanced tools can also be accessed through smartphone apps for access from work or vacation.

    Storefronts to Professional Offices

    As a business owner, no one cares about your company more than you. As much as you may want to trust our employees and customers, it’s also prudent to protect your assets by maintaining a vigilant watchful eye on those that frequent your business. This isn’t only for practical considerations to avoid theft. It’s also important to maintain a record of who has come and gone from your property in case a crime is committed now or in the not-so-distant future. In the case of an actual crime, these can be very helpful for law enforcement during an investigation.

    As a business owner, just like you need insurance, we highly recommend taking the steps to secure your business with some kind of

    How to Get Started

    There are still many options for CCTV (closed circuit television systems) for both businesses and residential applications. Technology however has really advanced to the point where in many cases you add wifi capable camera systems to an existing system or a completely stand alone system. Our experts can help you navigate the pros, cons, costs and installation requirements of the different available systems.

    Contact Central Alarm Today and we can provide you with some valuable information on how to get started today for both homes and businesses!.

  4. Happy 4th of July to Our Tucson Community!

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    From our Central Alarm Family to yours, Happy 4th of July! We want to thank our local Tucson community for their continued support in our products and services and we want to ensure that you are safe these holidays.

    Also we want to take a moment to thank all the men and women that keep us safe at home and abroad in our armed forces. You are valued and appreciated. Thank you for your service!

    We know it’s been a tough year with everything that has been happening. But we’re looking towards a brighter future and will continue to innovate and explore the very best ways to keep you all safe with new modern technologies that allow us to be more effective, mobile and affordable.

    Happy Independence Day, Tucson!

  5. Taking Advantage Of Your Local Police to Stay Safer

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    A resource that Tucson home owners might not typically think of are local police departments. They are not just for calling 911 when an emergency occurs. They invest a large amount of resources and revenue each year into community development, reporting and actionable items that can help you and your family stay safe each year.

    Crime Prevention Programs

    Tucson works with Arizona programs and is involved in Neighborhoods (G.A.I.N.) is an annual event held by police agencies statewide in collaboration with neighborhood associations to meet and discuss crime prevention and strengthen our partnership in combatting criminal activity in our community.

    Neighborhood Watch

    It is a statistical fact that neighborhood watch programs dramatically reduce crime in local areas where it is implemented. As criminals are always looking for easy opportunities, when there is ample evidence that there are active members in the community that are watching for suspicious activity, most criminals will move on to easier targets.

    Local Tucson Police can help you establish some of these programs with information and resources should you want to get your neighborhood involved. Just click on the link below to learn more.

    Click Here to Learn More from TPD


    Use local Tucson crime statistics to better understand what kind of crime is happening in or around your area. These annually updated reports often provide a good source of information. For example, if automobile theft is common in your area, it might be a good idea to explore installing visible exterior cameras or to ensure your garage is capable of protecting your vehicles at night.

    It’s not however guaranteed that living in a “safe” neighborhood will stop theft from occurring. It’s a generally good practice to maintain vigilance against possible break-ins by using common sense and understanding what is the most effective way to deter thieves. Having a security system is for example an incredibly valuable insurance policy against potential break-ins. If you don’t have a system and would like to learn more, please Contact Us and we will be happy to help you explore your options today.

  6. Tips to Keep Burglars Confused to Reduce Break-ins

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    One of the most cost-effective methods to reduce break-ins for homes is to keep burglars confused or guessing. We’ve covered numerous times before that most break-ins or burglaries are crimes of opportunity and timing. When thieves are uncertain about what they typically target for home theft, that is a major deterrent.

    Statistically, most home burglaries occur when you when people are at work during the day. The strategy is to purposely create this sense of uncertainty to would-be thieves that might ordinarily target your home. Using some of these technologies include creating automated lighting systems both on the exterior and the interior of the home that are based on motion.

    Doorbell cameras and motion sensing cameras as also a very effective option because it gives you on-demand visibility of your home along with audio capabilities to deter individuals that might be casing your home for theft.

    Central Alarm Inc. has a wide variety of home automation techniques and technology in order to build this very thing for your home.

    Simple steps such as adding more locking mechanisms that need to be bypassed to gain entry into the home is another effective tool to keep burglars out. Adding locks on exterior gates and fences, or adding security screen doors to back and front entrances are another effective option. Window bars can also be an effective tool, however most home owners don’t like the look. Alternatively, drawing curtains or shades to reduce visibility into the home can block access to immediately viewing valuables. You can also post alarm verification stickers, such as those we at Central Alarm provide, to each window in the back of your home.

    These are just some of the types of deterrents that can keep your home safer. Talk to one of our home security experts to learn how surprisingly affordable security can be.

  7. Business Security Essentials

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    As we continue to explore and help you make better decisions to secure your business, check out information below to learn how to better protect your business!

    Upgrade to Keyless Entry

    When it comes to access security, there really is no contest between physical keys and a keyless entry system. Physical key access by it’s very nature ensures that unaccounted access to your business exists that you can’t monitor. Even smart-key systems require you to remember to reset locks frequently and can still be picked by a savvy criminal.

    These solutions can include keycard or code based access (or a combination of both). Keyless entry provides both physically upgraded security but also monitoring. Access is recorded and logged so that unauthorized access can be traced back to individual employees based on their codes or keycards. They can also be integrated into a smartphone app.

    Be Friendly to Customers

    Being friendly to customers, even potential shop lifters, remarkably can keep your business safer. Statistics and research shows that criminals are more likely to steal from stores that they feel were rude to them or offered bad customer service. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention only three percent of shoplifters are “professional shoplifters” who are economically motivated. Which means that the overwhelming majority of shoplifters are doing it in the spur of the moment based on social or personal pressures.

    Install a Security System

    Obviously, we can be a bit bias when it comes to this tip. You however can’t argue with the truth. Consistently in studies criminals have as much as a 60% chance to automatically dismissing you as a potential target because of a security system in place. Burglars usually select targets of opportunity and this is a major deterrent.

    We can provide modern alarm solutions like cameras, doorbell cameras, keyless entry solutions, monitoring and phone app access.

    Professional monitoring with a system like Central Alarm also gives you a leg up from popular DIY alarm systems because we have a local team of monitors that can handle situations like false alarms, power outages or attempts to tamper or bypass the system.

    Central Alarm offers local Tucson businesses with security solutions from professional monitoring to guard service. If you want to take your business security to the next level and enjoy true peace of mind, Contact Us today to learn more.

  8. A Happy Home is a Safe Home

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    Based on current crime statistics in Tucson 2021, you have a 1 in 29 chance of being the victim of property crime. While this number also includes auto theft, the majority of car theft takes place at the home. These numbers will differ based on your specific geography, but the unfortunate fact is that even well to do neighborhoods or even gated communities are not immune to burglary or theft. In fact, gated communities can provide a false sense of security with the assumption that no unauthorized individuals can access your property. Some home owners in these communities have far less security measures due to this assumption.

    We want you to take the time to realistically assess your home security level and take practical steps to protect your property and loved ones. Most modern security solutions today automate much of the work to actively maintain adequate security.

    Plus, having a modern security solution in place makes going on vacation a whole lot easier. You can rest easy abroad knowing your home is safe with monitoring in the palm of your hand. This can be especially valuable if you have a second home that you visit for months at a time.

    Central Alarm’s residential security professionals can do an assessment of your home and offer a practical security plan for your home that might include motion sensors for lighting crucial areas of your property, basic cameras with monitoring and a professional system that can’t be tampered with. We’re here to help you know your property is safe and secure when you’re away and at home!

  9. Small Business Security Tips

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    As a small business owner, you know the struggle to maintain a healthy business. The very last thing you can deal with is a security issue disrupting a day that otherwise is used to help bring cashflow to your bottom line. At Central Alarm, we’re not only residential security specialists but we’ve been providing our local Tucson business community with security solutions for decades! Here are some basic security tips that every small business owner should take into consideration.

    Ensure Entrances are Lit

    Taking the time to light entry ways and walkways into the business is one of the primary ways you can easily and affordably make it difficult for criminals to target your business. Well-lit areas are not considered easy targets of opportunity for a thief. Adding motion sensors to additional lighting can make an even bigger impact as it automatically draws attention.

    Get Reinforced Steel Doors

    Small businesses need to have the front line protection for all exterior doors. Steel or reinforced wood are essential for entries into the business. Avoid any kind of doors that have decorative glass. Also consider replacing glass near doors with sturdier building materials because a window can easily be broken to bypass a reinforced door.

    Close Blinds After Hours

    Don’t give thieves the chance to window shop by leaving blinds open after you’ve closed your shop for the day. Making sure that you shut out the lights on the inside of your office won’t tempt any passing potential robbers.

    Change Keys and Passwords Often

    As employees come and go, if you do not update your passwords or change locks on a frequent basis, you have a potentially huge security problem. This is an area that we often times ignore because it’s a hassle and we don’t have time to deal with it. It may not even be previous employees but individuals that they know that can target your company if they have access to keys or codes.

    Using tools like dynamically changing locks or keyless entry can dramatically increase your overall security profile.

    Perform Regular Inspections

    Taking a moment to do a quick inspection of the exterior of your building can help ensure you see weak spots in your security. Perhaps employees frequently leave exterior doors open after breaks you might notice that there is open access to the roof. Noticing these gaps and addressing them is far easier than dealing with it after a break-in.

    If you want to learn more about how to keep your business safe from potential threats, then we invite you to contact us today to find out how. One of our security specialists can help you start down the pathway to a safer tomorrow!

  10. Give the Gift of Security!

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    It may sound like an odd Valentine’s gift, but we feel like there are few gifts that express your affection for another person than securing their ongoing safety! If you have an aging security system, a security system you can’t remember the last time it got maintained or installed or no system at all, we want to hear from you this Valentine’s Day!

    We can provide a state of the art modern system that includes wireless access, simple to install cameras, mobile phone app integration and more. Take an active role in the ongoing security of your loved ones with the gift of security that keeps on giving!

    Schedule an appointment with one of our security specialists today. They will work with you to determine the very best options for your home and budget. And all of our technicians are equipped to maintain complete safety for COVID-19 which includes the correct attire, distancing protocols and safety equipment.

    Call 520-600-6548 or Contact Us Now!