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  1. New Year, New Security Cameras

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    The new year brings on many thoughts about your health and safety. You may be questioning if you really need a new security system with full security cameras or not. We are here to tell you just why those cameras can help you and save your loved ones!
    There are so many different types of cameras you can get for your home. These can be a full video surveillance around your home, a doorbell with a camera, or just a few motion sensors to warn you. Each of these cameras can be beneficial to you in different ways.
    Burglaries take place nearly every 18 seconds in the United States creating nearly 200 break ins per hour. This equates to almost 4,800 break ins every day.
    Here are a few reasons why you need security cameras in your new year:

    1. Protect your home

    By utilizing security cameras you are able to see who is entering and leaving your home. You can place them to be obvious near the doors or have them more hidden such as on a tree. You can also place security cameras within your home in common spaces such as the living room, the kitchen, or the basement. In case your alarm goes off stating motion in your home you can see if someone broke into the house or a bird got in through a cracked window.

    2. Remotely monitor your home

    If you are traveling or at work, you can place security cameras in the common areas of your home to monitor it remotely. This is a great way, especially when you are far away, to not have to worry about your property. By installing a surveillance system you can sit back and relax wherever you are.

    3. Help prevent vandals

    You can do everything in the world to prevent vandalism on your property, whether it be a home or business property, and still have vandalism happen to you. Without security cameras vandals can get away with the destruction they cause. Although reporting it to the police may not have them caught, having footage helps tremendously. Setting up security cameras around your property might also help to deter vandals.

    4. Monitor your children

    Children are constantly running around the house. They are either chasing each other or entertaining themselves and can be exposed to many dangers. By having security cameras in the home where your children often play such as a playroom or even the living room can help keep an eye on the kids. If you have a backyard or a swimming pool nearby it is also smart to keep security cameras in the back that alert you if a child is in any situation. Installing these cameras is also a great way to see how nannies act around your children.

    5. Prevent home invasions

    Placing security cameras that are obvious to potential intruders help stop home invasions. Often times those looking to rob a home have done their research on the times the homeowner is in and out of the house and whether or not they have a sign for a security system. This also helps you to see who is standing at your door if you are unsure who may be visiting during the day.
    Having security cameras and a security system set in place gives you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe. If your house is to be robbed or vandalized more often than not burglars look for homes without security systems. Burglaries often also take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Many of those robbing you also find a window or door that is unlocked and are done in less than 10 minutes. Preparing for the worst will give you the best. Contact us for the best home security system!

  2. Ancient Police Compared to Today’s Police

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    In all communities’ people understand that they must abide by rules and are restrained to certain impulses. Each ancient civilization has had their own form of police and law and each of these ancient police had their own way of handling situations.

    Ancient Egypt:

    In the origins of cultural behavior was watched by MA ‘at as the harmony and balance or life. Ancient Egyptians believed that they could live by this law and their next life in the spirit world would be paradise.
    After time Egyptians had to introduce a police force to make sure laws were abided by. Many officers were used originally to guard tombs and wealthy homes. In the years 2040-1782 BCE Egypt saw its first army under Amenemhat I. Throughout the years the police force became more organized with the judicial system around 1570-1069 BCE.
    The army and security guards were used to police the borders, guard homes and tombs, and police the markets. While there is not as much history as one would like about the ancient police force of Egypt, we do know some of their tactics.

    Ancient Rome:

    Known as the Cohortes Urbanae (urban cohorts) were the troops of Rome created between 27 BCE – 14 CE. The original troops were created by Augustus for extra security for the city and emperor. The Cohortes Urbanae protected the capital and other large cities in the Roman Empire. These troops not only acted as a police force, but also in battle when needed.
    This group of officers was commanded by Praefectus Urbi (urban perfect). The commander of these cohorts held a lot of power in the capital. These cohorts mostly consisted of Italians to guarantee a stronger sense of loyalty.
    There are currently no records as to what the ancient police of Rome exactly did; however, as with many police there were most likely many crowd control instances. This was especially true for large public events at the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. The only evidence is from writers of Rome allowing the assumptions of ancient police to arrest criminals and bring them to trial.

    Ancient Greece:

    Stemming from the Latin word “politia” (forming today’s word police), the Greeks used politeia for citizenship, administration, and civil commonwealth. However, for police the Greek word is astynomia.
    Until 5th century BCE the police force in Greece has no known history. From this on the ancient police force began to form in Athens. During this time slaves were often used as the police force. The Greek police force was used to guard markets, hygiene, morals, supervise construction, watch foreigners, and prevent accidents. The ancient police force in Athens was monitored by the Athenian supreme court.
    However, in Sparta the police were run differently. The police in Sparta were run separately than under one body of government. These officers maintained public order, the city-state regulations, and ruled as judges. There were also officers who supervised agriculture, children, and women.

    United States:

    In Colonial Americathe police force was very informal. This was a for-profit and privately funded system. Many of the officers were only part time workers as they often worked elsewhere. The police force also had volunteers for the nights looking out for gambling and prostitution.
    In the beginning of the U.S. police force many policemen chose not to wear badges. This was due to the fact that police officers did not have good reputations and did not want to be associated with that. However, as the nation grew, and cities became more urban night-watch volunteers were rendered impractical.
    In 1838 Boston created the first official full-time officers. Before the first official force was created private security guards were used to watch over transported goods and property. The wealthy of the city decided to create a police force to save money for themselves from private security guards to guards that are meant for the city. However, down south the police force was used for different reasons. The police in the South were used for preservation of slavery. Their main tasks were to patrol runaway slaves and prevent uprisings.
    After Boston New York and Philadelphia followed suit of police forces in 1844 and 1854 respectively. While police still refused to wear uniforms NYPD required that their officers wear uniforms as of 1854. Many of these were Civil War hand me downs creating the iconic blue uniforms.

    Today’s US Police:

    Not much has changed with ancient police to todays. All over the world police are modernized and wear uniforms to show their position. Depending on the country the police force takes on different roles. In Europe many civilian police enforce local law where larger tasks are federal or military. However, in less developed countries these police forces can take on multiple roles. From ancient police to today’s police there are many ways in which they are similar – keeping the peace – but also many ways in which they are different.
    Be sure that you are protecting your home and your family, no matter the security and police you have nearby. You want to be sure you’re doing your best with an alarm system to fend off thieves. Give us a call and we will provide you with a top-notch security system.

  3. Give the Gift of Home Security This Holiday

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    Welcome back to the Central Alarm blog! It’s here, the holiday season is truly in full swing! Last time on the blog we gave you a rundown on the kinds of things you should be doing to keep your house safe and secure this winter season, so you know what you need to do. But not everyone you care about is reading our blog (unfortunately) and they could use some help too no doubt! That’s why we’re putting together this blog, a holiday gift guide of home security!

    Home Security Gifts

    Video Doorbells

    Video doorbells pack some of the most punch per buck when it comes to home security upgrades. A video doorbell from Ring, Skybell, Nest or any of the others don’t run too expensive – a basic model runs around $100 on average, but it opens up an entirely new possibility. You don’t have to be home to see who is knocking at your door, they come with motion sensors to start recording whenever someone walks in front of the door so you can see if someone is lifting packages for instance!
    These are often easy to install, battery operated, connect to apps on phones and don’t require any greater network for installation. If you have someone in your life who has complained about package thefts before, this might be just the thing for them!

    Smart Lights

    While you’re out there upgrading their front door, what about smart lights? These can range from individual bulbs with all sorts of tech added to them to full on new fixtures like motion sensing lights. Smart lights can depending on the model, connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, or apps on your phone and smart devices, allowing control remotely.  Set mood lighting, control lights when you’re out of town (and give the appearance of life!), or simply save yourself the effort of getting up.


    Touted as an all in one device, the Canary features a camera, motion detection, audio and air-quality sensors to boot! The camera is HD 1080p resolution with an astounding 147-degree view. They even work with the Amazon Alexa technology if you’re already running that smart home functionality. Named after the animal relied on to keep miners safe in those coal mines, the Canary aims to be the one device families need to keep their homes safe. Whether that’s from burglars, break-ins, or poor air!
    Smart Home Devices
    Speaking of smart home tech Alexa, giving the gift a smart phone might not be the most pressing when it comes to home security but it can certainly amplify the way people interact with their homes and connect into all the other parts of a security system. Google and Amazon both have so many devices that can connect a home together. Voice activated, Wi-Fi enabled, and featuring Bluetooth connectivity, all of the sudden your house is alive.
    Smart Locks
    Ever arrive at a friend or family member’s house only to sit out in your car waiting for them to arrive and let you in? That wouldn’t be a problem if they had a smart lock system! Things like the August Smart Lock Pro allow you to monitor and control your locks, no matter where you are! If you have an Alexa it works with it to allow for voice control! The August also allows you to keep your current lock and keys, you don’t need to do any serious renovating on your door! Others aren’t so easy to install but have much more sturdy construction to outweigh that hassle.
    Conversely, you could always, pay for a year of services from Central Alarm, we can provide the most robust, serious home security service as well as boots on the ground guard services, should that be something they require.
    From all of us here at Central Alarm, we wish you happy holidays and we’ll see you in the New Year!

  4. The Best Tips for Home Security While on Vacation This Winter

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    Looking to learn more about home security while on vacation this winter? Look no further, this blog is for you! First, a little peek behind the curtain.
    Since we are approaching the winter holidays, this month on the blog we are going to publish one big one instead of our usual two. There’s a reason for it. For one, Thanksgiving is nearly here and folks will be traveling to visit family, because of that we wanted to make sure we got this one out before the holidays hit. So instead, enjoy this double-sized post all about home security while on vacation!
    home security while on vacation
    Here we are always keeping our minds on the prize: a secure, safe home life with no worries of theft or danger. Meanwhile, we are fast approaching the winter holidays, a time when any of us are heading cross country to spend holidays back home with extended families. That means houses are being left ‘empty’ or seemingly unguarded for up to weeks at a time. As you can imagine, that doesn’t sit well with us.
    Here are some of our top tips for home security while on vacation, or any other reason you might be away from your home for a long stretch of time.

    Home Security While on Vacation

    Get a Friend

    Have a friend or neighbor who isn’t going anywhere for the upcoming winter holidays? Perfect! Talk to them about stopping by your place from time to time to check up on things, give the place some life. Adjust blinds, move patio furniture, park their car for a while. Anything that shows the house is occupied, and someone is around.

    Suspend Newspaper and Mail

    Piles and piles of newspapers and jam-packed mailboxes are other dead give aways that nobody is at the house. Head over the USPS site and have them hold onto your mail at the local office for free, for up to 30 days. Any longer than that and you’ll need to make other arrangements but regardless, keeping the mail from piling up will give the illusion you are home.

    Prep Your Home

    This tip goes for a wide range of things that don’t necessarily improve security but will keep your home safe. If you have storm drains and gutters, clean them out to make sure there’s no flooding.
    If you have a newer water heater, take a look at it for a programmed vacation mode. It keeps the water warm enough not to freeze any pipes and explodes but not high enough to cost you anything in energy. Older water heater? You can manually set the temperature so get to it. You want to keep I around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Shut off the different water mains depending on what you need or want. Want your sprinklers to still work on their schedule, turn off the water at the various fixtures in the home. You don’t want to come home to find a flooded house, basement, etc.
    Speaking of saving energy. There’s no reason to be spending money heating (or cooling) your home when no one is going to be there. If you can get yourself a smart thermostat for instance, you can have a scheduled temp change to keep it just where it needs to be.
    Go around, unplug all your nonessential electronics. While it may save you a few bucks in power, the big thing is that it reduces the risk of any possible fire hazards and power surges.
    home security while on vacation phone

    Lock Up Everything

    Sure, this is a no-brainer but hey let’s mention it. Check, double check all windows, doors, and other entries. If you are one of those who have spare keys stashed around the yard (which is never the most secure move anyways, get a smart lock!) make sure to bring those inside. Those hidings spots are rarely as clever as we think they are!

    Keep the Vacation on the DL

    Don’t set your voicemail, email auto replies, answering machine or any social posts. While we’d all like to think our family and friends aren’t going to use that information for ill gain, we can’t be sure who all gets the message. So, it’s best to keep that knowledge out of the public sphere.

    Light It Up

    Install some outdoor security lights. Would-be-burglars go for areas that are hidden from view or dark and obscured areas. With a system of lights arranged to provide maximum illumination, you can create an environment that isn’t as interesting for burglars.
    And of course…

    Get a Professional Monitored Security System

    Having a home security system that is monitored by professionals will get faster reactions and results than an unmanned system. When the system is monitored, the company (like Central Alarm) can call the necessary authorities immediately when something has occurred. This is much more immediate and reliable than getting a text alert on your phone when you’re out of the country.
    All of these tips revolve around a couple of ideas: simulating human presence, decreasing the viability of your home or property as a target, and properly preparing your home for being vacant for a length of time. Should you follow all of these, you should have a home that is perfectly ready for you to return to following your winter vacation.
    Have the spare keys pulled inside, the house prepped and lights set up? Still need a professionally installed and maintained security system? That’s where Central Alarm comes in. Give us a call and whether you need secure wireless security systems or even guard services, you can fill out a vacation request form and enjoy your vacation without having to worry what might happen.

  5. Building Your Own Home Security System – Good Idea?

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    Welcome back to the Central Alarm home security blog! Last time we went in-depth on Halloween security tips, what things to do to keep your home safe during a holiday that actively encourages mischief. If you don’t have one then you might be considering this question we are going to answer today: ‘Is building your own home security system a good idea?’
    build your own home security system, diy home security

    Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Home Security System

    Looking into building your own home security system can take a lot of work, but this blog aims to demystify that a little bit. First things first, we’re not talking about building a Home Alone 2-esque Rube Goldberg machine to deter and punish would be robbers. We are talking about putting together different security systems together to provide your home the coverage it needs.

    The Cost

    Now, when building a home security system from scratch, you may have heard of some business that will sell you the parts to make it. They are out there they exist, but they are also more costly to set up than going through a service like Central Alarm. That’s because you are buying and installing the systems yourself, they cost more and the time and effort used in making sure everything is installed and wired correctly can be a bit of a costly endeavor.
    Going with a company like us, you have a clear fee that will include all the installation as well as the systems and the continued upkeep of those devices. Which is a big concern! When you install a system yourself and it is then all up to you, that means you need to stay on top of things, making sure your home security system is operating correctly without any gaps in protection, that batteries are charged, wires aren’t fried, etc.

    The Services

    Some might say building your own home security system means you get exactly what you need and nothing else. That’s true, if you understand security enough to get the pieces you need. When working with a company such as Central Alarm, you benefit from the decades of home security system experience that all of us have to ensure that every entrance is covered, every angle is seen, and not a loophole is to be found in your system. You’re not paying just for the best quality security products, you are also paying for that experience in how to implement it.

    Any Security is Better Than None

    But don’t get us wrong. If you want to build a DIY home security system, so long as it works even a fraction as well as a system designed and implemented by us, that is better than nothing. And the more security systems there are dispersed throughout a neighborhood the safer everyone’s homes are. Think of it like herd immunity in animals. When most are secured with security systems (or immune to a disease) then even those that are lacking in a full, robust coverage benefit. That’s good for everybody.
    If you are ready to work together to design and implement the exact kind of home security system you need for your property, give us a call, or contact us online so that we can get started. The sooner it’s installed, the sooner it is refined, the sooner it begins providing your home, property, and family a total, comprehensive level of security.

  6. Halloween Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

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    Here at Central Alarm, the month of October is a specific one this year. Obviously, one of the biggest things every October is Halloween. It’s the holiday so many look forward to as the summer winds down, decorations are put up everywhere, pumpkin-spice-everything is sold to match the fall mood. But along with it comes the nature of Halloween. Trick-or-treating, spooky garb, and mischief. For the vast majority of people, it is a simple little release and making scares on their friends. But for some, they take up the spirit too far and get into some serious mischief.
    With all the people walking the streets in costumes it can be hard to defend your home from that onslaught of troublemakers. Here are some of the best things you can do to keep your property safe and secure over the Halloween holiday.
    Halloween Security Tips

    Halloween Security Tips

    Light it Up

    First things first, keep your property well illuminated. Would-be-ne’er-do-wells see a dark space and see a space safe for mischief. Keeping your exterior lights on will deter people from spending much time trying to get up to no good. Instead, they’ll move on to where their activities won’t be as noticed. That’s a win.

    Lock Up Tight

    Many neighborhoods have a designated cutoff time for trick or treaters, but not all of them do. Decide on a time when you are done with trick or treating (if participating at all) and lock up tight.  When people come around excepting a treat and find none they may react poorly. So lock up well and make sure no one can get passed your gates, doors, garage or what have you.

    Garage Guarding

    Speaking of garages, use it! An open garage or sitting our car, can be a welcome invitation to folks looking to steal or vandalize. So park your car inside, or at least off the street, and close up tight.

    Move Toward Motion Sensor Lighting

    While keeping your property well lit can deter trick or treaters, it might also send the message that you are open for business. If you are no longer handing out candy or wish to deter guests from approaching, then putting up motion sensor lighting might be the best of both worlds. Your house and lawn will be dark, sending the signal that you aren’t home and if anyone doesn’t get the message, the sudden spotlights will probably get the message across.

    Going Out? Keep It Secret

    If you aren’t going to be home Halloween evening, then the best thing you can do is to give the impression that you are in fact home. Keep your interior lights on, a TV playing to make some noise. An empty house is an open target for mischief. Follow the previously mentioned steps and this and your home should be safe and secure for the big night.
    No one wants to think that any of the kids going out on Halloween are going to get into trouble. Kids being kids and all that, but there some out there who will gladly use the opportunity to be a cover for their otherwise suspicious and downright criminal activities. The best thing you can do is be proactive and creating an environment that deters them before they even get to it.
    If you are in Tucson and you need help developing your home security systems, give us a call here at Central Alarm. We’ll make sure you’re adequately covered for Halloween, and all 364 other days of the year.

  7. How Much Does Home Security Cost?

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    Did our last blog entry start your mind turning about what it will take to install a home security system? Or perhaps looking to hire guard services for home? When it comes time to upgrade to a real home security solution, you may be asking, just how much does home security cost?! That real answer is complex, made of a few moving parts, so let’s go over it.
    how much is home security

    How Much Does Home Security Cost?


    Assembling a home security system takes a bit of work. Shopping around, hiring a company to install it correctly (unless you think you can do it yourself, which takes up a whole lot more effort!), and making sure it works via regular testing takes effort. That’s just one of the costs of home security. A well-secured home doesn’t just occur out of nowhere.


    Getting your home security system set up takes time, not much time, but going from desire to call to installation takes time. It’s not something you want to save until its too late, certainly not until after a break-in! Make a decision for what your home security needs are and don’t hesitate to get that process starting.

    And… Yes, Money

    Of course! There is of course a financial cost. This varies based off the level of system you’re looking at. Whether it’s simply alarms with motion sensors, card secured entry, or guard service, each comes with a different price tag.
    With Central Alarm, that cost can start as low as $26 a month! Contact us and we can build out your home security system solution!
    We talked about it last time on the blog, but what does not having home security cost? Well, last year, burglary and larceny-theft accounted for over $100,000,000 in Arizona alone. Not having home security means worry, means a lack of peace of mind, and unfortunately it can mean disaster. We’re not trying to scare you, our readers, so we are not going to go any further in the what could bes.
    How much does home security cost? It costs a bit of time. It costs a bit of effort. And with Central Alarm that financial cost, just like time and effort, are all taken care of in a completely reasonable manner and cost. Ready to make that leap? Call us today!

  8. Burglary, Thefts, and Other Crime Statistics

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    It’s time for some hard data here on the Central Alarm blog. We talk a lot about the efficacy of burglar alarm systems for businesses and homes, how their presence alone is a deterrent for would-be burglars. This entry we are going to get into the actual details, the numbers and statistics for crime in Arizona, to give a more concrete frame of reference for those who interested in burglar alarms, guard services, or any of the other myriad security services we offer here at central Alarm.


    Burglary, the unlawful entry into a ‘structure’ with the intent to commit theft or a felony. Use of force to enter, gain entry is not necessary. Structures are defined as apartments, barns, houseboat, house trailers, office, stable. A car does not count for these statistics.

    Burglary Stats

    • A total of 36,448 burglaries were reported in 2017
    • January was the busiest month for burglaries – 3,337! February recorded the least with 2,821. January averages out to 107 reports a day, while February sat at 100. Not that big of a difference when you break it down.
    • Forced entry was a part of roughly 55% of burglaries.
    • The value of property stolen totaled $53,027,933
    • Of that, residential burglaries made up $37,708,140.
    • 3% of burglaries were residential, 30.7% were committed on non-residence.
    • Many people think of burglars as guys wearing dark clothes sneaking in at night the statistics show otherwise! Aside from the 33.8% burglaries that occurred in an unknown time, 40.2% occurred during the day, from 6am – 6pm. Only 26.1% of burglaries occurred during the night hours, 6pm – 6am.
    • The total number of arrests for burglary was 4,217, while the total number of clearances (charges being laid) was 3,534.



    Defined as the unlawful taking, leading, carrying or riding away of property. Examples include bike thefts, stolen motor vehicle parts, shoplifting, pickpocketing or any other theft of property that is not done so by force or fraud. So someone stealing parts from your business? That falls under larceny-theft.

    Larceny-Theft Stats

    • In 2017 there were a total of 143,742 reported larceny-thefts.
    • Larceny-theft accounted for 62.5% of the total reported crimes for the year.
    • As should be no surprise (with all the gift giving) December had the highest number of incidents with 13,757 larceny-thefts.
    • Shoplifting made up 32.2% of all larceny-thefts, with a reported total of 46,231.
    • The total value of stolen property is valued at $68,999,606!

    These are just the stats on two of the listed crimes for 2017, there are more property crimes out there including vandalism, all of which security systems can help deter or document!
    Note: All of these stats are from 2017, published by the website. You can view the whole document  here. While burglar crimes have decreased over the years (in fact burglaries are down by 578 instances since 2000) that may well be because of the increase in burglar/alarm systems, and their reported effectiveness in deterring criminals.
    Don’t want to be a part of those statistics? We don’t blame you! That’s why Central Alarm offers every security solution you could hope for, whether it be home video surveillance or card secured entries for businesses. Together we can ensure that your home, business, or both are not targets of burglars and if so, that the authorities have every mean necessary to bring them to justice!  Ready to get your security top of the line? Contact us at Central Alarm and we will make it happen!

  9. What to Look For in the Best Home Safes

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    Welcome back to the Central Alarm blog! We hope your summer has been spectacular thus far. This time on the blog we are looking something that’s just adjacent to our field of expertise. You see, here at Central Alarm we are all about security for both homes and business, and as such we supply the alarm, camera, sensor systems necessary for that. But that’s just one side of the puzzle. See, you can also go those extra steps inside the home to further secure valuables. We’re talking about the best home safes available and what features to look for in your own shopping!
    best home safes
    What to Look for in a Home Safe
    Before buying a home safe you need to understand what you’re buying it for. The main things safes are made to protect from are theft (of course) or fire, or both!  Think you won’t need a safe for a fire? The National Fire Protection Association states that there is an average of one in four chances of experiencing a house fire severe enough to call the fire department.
    When it comes to fire, the idea behind it is that you want to protect the valuables inside from being destroyed by the fire and the heat it creates. Safes designed to protect against fire will be made of different materials to keep the internal temperature regulated. What temperature do you need to keep? This will vary depending on the contents of the safe itself! For instance, if you are looking to keep paper documents safe in a fire you need to make sure your safe is rated to keep the internal temperature lower 350 degrees. More sensitive items like film or disks/DVDs will need to be kept even lower. So before you buy, have a clear idea of what you will be storing.
    As for burglar protection, the big thing is creating a hassle. Most thieves make a quick run through of the home and take whatever they can get their hands on. As soon as they’re encumbered they’re out the door. Most home safes with roughly a foot of cubic space available are going to be 100 lbs. empty making them anything but easily carried off with.
    Other considerations include cost, where to buy them, where you’d be able to store it in the home (a small fire chest is going to take up a lot less space than a huge safe), and what to store in it. Need ideas?
    Here are some documents worth holding onto in a safe!
    Birth/Death Certificates
    Estate-Planning documents
    Savings Bonds
    Tax Returns
    Stock Certificates
    Some of these you will want to hold on to forever (in the case of birth and death certificates) or less (when coverage ends on life-insurance policies) so make sure you’re not turning your safe into some sort of hoarder’s treasure.

    Top Home and Smart Safes

    SentrySafe 0500 Fire Chest
    It’s affordable (you can even buy it right on Amazon, where it has many high ratings) fire resistant but it is unfortunately portable, certainly not a lick of help when it comes to stopping burglary! But still, a worthy choice.
    Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe
    This one is covert, sitting tucked just inside the wall but while it is secure it is also not fireproof, and it’s size leaves a bit to be desired.
    American Security AMSEC UL1511
    Fire resistant, tamper-proof, durable. It’s heavy duty, and by that we mean heavy. It’s not going anywhere should you choose to put this bad boy in your house. It is, however, quite expensive. But hey, when you’re getting something at the top of the line, you expect to pay for it.
    BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
    It’s affordable and features a fingerprint scanner with room for up to 30 authorized users! If you want to bring your safe game into the future, this may be the one for you. However, it isn’t resistant to fire and it’s size leaves much to be desired.

  10. The Benefits of Home Security Cameras Systems

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    Welcome back to the premier home security site on the web, home of Central Alarm, serving the Tucson area for years. This time on the blog, we are looking to revisit a topic we have talked about before. Starting way back in 2014, we have talked about home security cameras systems and the uses they serve, we dabbled in the ways to set them up to be the best security. This time we are focusing in on one clear, concrete list: the benefits of home security cameras systems!
    home security cameras system mobile
    Enhance Your Current Home Security
    Home security systems such as alarms, locks, and sensors are prevalent. But camera systems are the next step to total security, allowing for remote monitoring of your home anywhere, anytime. Now that everything can be controlled at the tap of a smartphone, security camera systems (whether for home or business) bring your home’s security right into your pocket. You will know about threats as they occur. Not too shabby.
    Saves Money
    No, not just in preventing theft (though it certainly does that as well)! Installing a home security camera can see your homeowner’s insurance policy costing you less. Insurance companies recommend it as one of their top ways to make your home safer, and thus less expensive to insure. An initial investment in getting the system set up can easily pay for itself over the years-long lifespan of your policy!
    The Best Evidence
    If you should ever, knock on wood, be the victim of any sort of crime, theft or otherwise, at your home, video evidence makes for the best kind when it comes to court cases. Having a video recording of the events that unfold, whether breaking and entering or what have you, can give a clear tool for law enforcement and court systems to use to solve the case.
    Security Means More Than Theft
    As we mentioned earlier, the video feed from the camera to computer or mobile device has made some great waves in the surveillance world. Now you can keep an eye on your home, not just from intruders, but from those inside. From furry family pet to rowdy kids, with a few taps, you can have eyes on your home and be sure that everything is going fine and dandy without you around. You can also keep an eye out on any hired help working in and around your home, should you feel that’s necessary.
    Cover Your Low-Traffic Areas
    Low traffic areas, behind the garage, or next to an alleyway at your home or in a long hallway and unused office are at a business, are prime spots for simple video coverage. Often these areas don’t net much traffic so it is not necessary to have an entire alarm and sensor set up covering them.
    And obviously… the biggest benefit…
    Crime Deterrent!
    We have talked about it a number of times but it bears repeating. Criminals who have been interviewed about their criminal activity have said time and time again that seeing open signs of a security system (camera included) is often enough to have them looking elsewhere. So, when you’re viewing all of your footage and you lament that lack of activity just remember that. The presence of your camera alone was enough to keep the crooks away!
    All of that got you itching to install a new home security cameras system? We hear ya! You can find out a bit more about video surveillance here and if you are ready to get it installed simply contact us today! With a home security set up installed, you can rest easy, save money, and enjoy a complete sense of peace of mind.