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  1. Business Security Essentials

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    As we continue to explore and help you make better decisions to secure your business, check out information below to learn how to better protect your business!

    Upgrade to Keyless Entry

    When it comes to access security, there really is no contest between physical keys and a keyless entry system. Physical key access by it’s very nature ensures that unaccounted access to your business exists that you can’t monitor. Even smart-key systems require you to remember to reset locks frequently and can still be picked by a savvy criminal.

    These solutions can include keycard or code based access (or a combination of both). Keyless entry provides both physically upgraded security but also monitoring. Access is recorded and logged so that unauthorized access can be traced back to individual employees based on their codes or keycards. They can also be integrated into a smartphone app.

    Be Friendly to Customers

    Being friendly to customers, even potential shop lifters, remarkably can keep your business safer. Statistics and research shows that criminals are more likely to steal from stores that they feel were rude to them or offered bad customer service. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention only three percent of shoplifters are “professional shoplifters” who are economically motivated. Which means that the overwhelming majority of shoplifters are doing it in the spur of the moment based on social or personal pressures.

    Install a Security System

    Obviously, we can be a bit bias when it comes to this tip. You however can’t argue with the truth. Consistently in studies criminals have as much as a 60% chance to automatically dismissing you as a potential target because of a security system in place. Burglars usually select targets of opportunity and this is a major deterrent.

    We can provide modern alarm solutions like cameras, doorbell cameras, keyless entry solutions, monitoring and phone app access.

    Professional monitoring with a system like Central Alarm also gives you a leg up from popular DIY alarm systems because we have a local team of monitors that can handle situations like false alarms, power outages or attempts to tamper or bypass the system.

    Central Alarm offers local Tucson businesses with security solutions from professional monitoring to guard service. If you want to take your business security to the next level and enjoy true peace of mind, Contact Us today to learn more.

  2. A Happy Home is a Safe Home

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    Based on current crime statistics in Tucson 2021, you have a 1 in 29 chance of being the victim of property crime. While this number also includes auto theft, the majority of car theft takes place at the home. These numbers will differ based on your specific geography, but the unfortunate fact is that even well to do neighborhoods or even gated communities are not immune to burglary or theft. In fact, gated communities can provide a false sense of security with the assumption that no unauthorized individuals can access your property. Some home owners in these communities have far less security measures due to this assumption.

    We want you to take the time to realistically assess your home security level and take practical steps to protect your property and loved ones. Most modern security solutions today automate much of the work to actively maintain adequate security.

    Plus, having a modern security solution in place makes going on vacation a whole lot easier. You can rest easy abroad knowing your home is safe with monitoring in the palm of your hand. This can be especially valuable if you have a second home that you visit for months at a time.

    Central Alarm’s residential security professionals can do an assessment of your home and offer a practical security plan for your home that might include motion sensors for lighting crucial areas of your property, basic cameras with monitoring and a professional system that can’t be tampered with. We’re here to help you know your property is safe and secure when you’re away and at home!

  3. Small Business Security Tips

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    As a small business owner, you know the struggle to maintain a healthy business. The very last thing you can deal with is a security issue disrupting a day that otherwise is used to help bring cashflow to your bottom line. At Central Alarm, we’re not only residential security specialists but we’ve been providing our local Tucson business community with security solutions for decades! Here are some basic security tips that every small business owner should take into consideration.

    Ensure Entrances are Lit

    Taking the time to light entry ways and walkways into the business is one of the primary ways you can easily and affordably make it difficult for criminals to target your business. Well-lit areas are not considered easy targets of opportunity for a thief. Adding motion sensors to additional lighting can make an even bigger impact as it automatically draws attention.

    Get Reinforced Steel Doors

    Small businesses need to have the front line protection for all exterior doors. Steel or reinforced wood are essential for entries into the business. Avoid any kind of doors that have decorative glass. Also consider replacing glass near doors with sturdier building materials because a window can easily be broken to bypass a reinforced door.

    Close Blinds After Hours

    Don’t give thieves the chance to window shop by leaving blinds open after you’ve closed your shop for the day. Making sure that you shut out the lights on the inside of your office won’t tempt any passing potential robbers.

    Change Keys and Passwords Often

    As employees come and go, if you do not update your passwords or change locks on a frequent basis, you have a potentially huge security problem. This is an area that we often times ignore because it’s a hassle and we don’t have time to deal with it. It may not even be previous employees but individuals that they know that can target your company if they have access to keys or codes.

    Using tools like dynamically changing locks or keyless entry can dramatically increase your overall security profile.

    Perform Regular Inspections

    Taking a moment to do a quick inspection of the exterior of your building can help ensure you see weak spots in your security. Perhaps employees frequently leave exterior doors open after breaks you might notice that there is open access to the roof. Noticing these gaps and addressing them is far easier than dealing with it after a break-in.

    If you want to learn more about how to keep your business safe from potential threats, then we invite you to contact us today to find out how. One of our security specialists can help you start down the pathway to a safer tomorrow!

  4. Give the Gift of Security!

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    It may sound like an odd Valentine’s gift, but we feel like there are few gifts that express your affection for another person than securing their ongoing safety! If you have an aging security system, a security system you can’t remember the last time it got maintained or installed or no system at all, we want to hear from you this Valentine’s Day!

    We can provide a state of the art modern system that includes wireless access, simple to install cameras, mobile phone app integration and more. Take an active role in the ongoing security of your loved ones with the gift of security that keeps on giving!

    Schedule an appointment with one of our security specialists today. They will work with you to determine the very best options for your home and budget. And all of our technicians are equipped to maintain complete safety for COVID-19 which includes the correct attire, distancing protocols and safety equipment.

    Call 520-600-6548 or Contact Us Now!

  5. Have You Done A Technology Audit Recently?

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    It’s 2021, and it may surprise you to know that most people do not regularly update their security measures. So it’s usually a good idea to assess both the state of your home, your level of security, and also the technology you’re using to keep your home safe. Many people have dated security systems and technology from 2010 and before.

    If you can’t remember the last time you took a serious look your security profile, then we invite you to see some of the amazing innovations that have been taking place.

    • Doorbell Cameras – I’m sure if you don’t have one, you probably have heard of these devices that allow you to monitor and keep track of what is happening on your front door. With the explosion of online shopping, thieves are looking at front porches more and more as an easy way to get away with something valuable! Doorbell Cameras give you as the home owner the ability to see, record and communicate with whatever is happening on your porch. They’re effective and more affordable than ever!
    • Mobile Apps – Much of the functionality in your security system is now available through mobile apps and we work with the best in the industry to bring our customers cutting edge apps to fully manage their security from any where in the world.
    • Surveillance Cameras – We can install cameras that tie to your security system and work with your mobile devices to make a truly all-inclusive security footprint around your entire home you can access from your smartphone.
    • Advanced Monitoring – We’re your local security expert with your safety in mind. And in addition to providing the same high quality advanced security components you can find on the market, our local professionals truly care about the safety of our local community. We’re here monitoring your property so you don’t have to worry about it. Now that is peace of mind!

    There are certain basic safety and home security essentials that every homeowner should consider. In fact, in today’s increasingly uncertain world it is more important than ever before to take security and safety seriously. For example, even something such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can cause problems for homeowners. Today, we even have automated methods of checking these kinds of systems remotely!

    Let the professionals and Central Alarm help you explore your options today with some of the most state of the art security capabilities available to you as a local company right here in Tucson!

  6. Improve the Security of Your Property

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    Tucson unfortunately is not always the safest city. And while there are communities that have less burglary that others, it’s important to be aware of our surroundings to keep safety at a high level. We’ve covered some of these topics in previous posts, but it’s always important to go over the basics for those that have not been exposed to some of these basic concepts and to also provide a refresher for those that have.

    How Criminals Case a Home

    The number one thing that criminals look for in a home that is worth breaking into is accessibility. When the opportunity to quickly gain access to a home that is likely to contain valuables that is when a home is often times burglarized. These are the primary components of a burglar that is looking for accessibility to a home:

    • Are the areas around the home and leading to access points such as doors and windows well-lit? Thieves do not want to spend any time being visible that they don’t have to be. If areas of your home, especially around side entrances or front windows are shrouded in darkness at night with no obvious illumination, you have a problem. Motion activated floodlights around the home can easily solve this problem as a cheap and practical way to deter thieves.
    • Does vegetation provide natural cover for someone moving around the home? Ensure that you don’t have large trees and bushes obscuring entrances, windows and doors. This gives a burglar an unlimited amount of time regardless of what time it is to work on breaking in without being seen. Cut back shrubs and bushes to make sure that entrances can be clearly seen from as many vantage points as possible.
    • If you don’t have bars on your windows, having clearly visible signage indicating that there is an alarm system present is a crucial part of your security.

    If you have not taken some time to inspect the overall shape of your property in these areas, we encourage you to spend some time in the next couple of weeks to address any weak spots. If you’re currently not being protected by a security system and want that layer of protection, then please Reach Out to Central Alarm today!

  7. 3 Tips for Increasing Home Security

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    Our goal is to help everyone in our local Tucson community as safe as possible. While we’re utilizing technology to help keep you safe, we at Central Alarm have a few practical tips to help create a better sense of security around your home. These strategies are designed to help make your home less of a target to begin with. While alarm systems are proven to be the most relevant deterrent, it doesn’t stop practical applicable strategies from becoming very useful.

    Don’t Display Expensive Products

    For example, perhaps one of the most obvious and frequently overlooked aspects of protecting your home from break-ins is to avoid leaving things around that are of value. Leaving valuables in clear sight of thieves is an invitation for them to take what does not belong to them. From expensive bicycles to motorcycles and a full range of valuables, homeowners often leave things in their front yard or on their porch or in their driveway that makes it easy and convenient for crooks to take whatever they choose.

    This also goes for keeping curtains wide open where people can clearly see expensive equipment in your home. We recommend that if you don’t have shades on your home, invest in opaque curtains that can be drawn while you are not home or at night when everyone is asleep. Adding an additional element of uncertainty can be a powerful deterrent to a burglar.

    Don’t Leave Trash Cans Out Over Night

    Thieves have no scruples when it comes to rifling through your garbage cans. Finding discarded mail and receipts can not only provide an identify theft risk, but it also tells the thief what kinds of products you are purchasing and might have inside the home.

    The simplest way to avoid this kind of issue is to take your trash cans out the day of pickup rather than leaving them out over night. This small detail can save you a considerable amount of hassle if your security is compromised.

    Lock Up Your Mailbox

    Mail theft is a much larger problem than most people give credit. Driving down the street and stealing mail out of your mailbox is an incredibly easy way to intercept mail that can be taken advantage of, such as credit cards, loan offers and important documents. This is also a very simple fix by installing a lockable door that still allows your mail carrier to insert letters but cannot be simply opened. As a very low level investment it can yield a very high return for safety or identity theft.

  8. Considering an Upgrade to Your Security?

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    Central Alarm, Inc has been proudly serving Tucson since 1939 and we’re not afraid to say we think we’re the best in the business! Sometimes we get questions about what makes us such a great company to work with instead of a larger company, and here are some of the reasons:


    We’re a family owned and local business where every single employee works, shops and lives right here in Tucson. Supporting local business maintains a strong and healthy community and we support shopping local!

    We’ve Got It All

    We have all the new technology! Think all the new gadgets with advanced technology are only found with the big companies? We make smart partnerships with companies that only provide the very best solutions for our customers, which includes the very same technology and advancements found in larger corporations, such as’s complete lineup.

    Fast to Adapt and Adopt!

    We’re adaptable! Being a small company, we can more rapidly test, certify and deploy new security solutions where larger companies have a much larger footprint across the country and thousands of sales people to consider. This frees our folks up to do higher quality work often times before the big boys!

    So if you are thinking of leveling up the security on your home or business today with remote technology, mobile functionality, door cameras and advanced surveillance systems or even just a simple monitored security solution that can’t be bypassed like DIY systems, then give us a call today – We can’t wait to meet you!

  9. Being Preparred

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    Central Alarm has been dedicated to your safety since the 1930s.  We’re a trusted name in security for both home and business security solutions right here in Tucson.  As we continue to grow, develop new technologies and solutions for your customers, we want to help our local families maintain a clear way to stay safe from danger that threatens your home.

    As a family, it’s important for those in your home to know what to do in the event of an emergency.  This can include natural disaster, break-ins, fire alarms or any other kind of emergency.  Here are just a few areas that you can help keep your family safe:

    Fire Safety Plan

    Make sure you communicate a safety strategy with anyone that lives in your home.  This includes how to most effectively exit the home and where to meet up afterward.  This also includes ensuring that children understand they are not to try and find pets or valuables but to exit the home immediately.  We sometimes take for granted knowledge as an adult and fail to communicate that to minors living in the home.

    For example, telling someone to feel a door or doorknob for warmth prior to opening the door in a potential fire situation is important so that they can change tactics to exit through a window can save lives.

    Take the time to communicate these necessities to your family!

    Alarm Plan

    At this point, we’re assuming that you have a security system in place and are actively using it.  If you don’t, we invite you to call Central Alarm today.  Our helpful technicians can help get you into a system that meets your needs and budget.

    In the event of an alarm sounding, children should immediately lock the doors to their bedrooms. They should not roam the home looking for the cause of the alarm.   Contrary to what we see in the entertainment, do not make a lot of sound to indicate to an intruder that they have messed with the wrong house.  At the initial point of a break-in, you are not sure how many people are in your home or what they are specifically after. Adults should call 911 immediately and speak very clearly and concisely to emergency personnel.

    Keep an Open Line of Communication with Neighbors

    A crucial difference between safe and unsafe neighborhoods actually usually lies in the connections with neighbors.  There is a reason why neighborhood watches remain one of the most effective ways to reduce crime in any area.  We recommend that you build at least a baseline relationship with your neighbors to remain open to letting them know when you will be out of town, if you see suspicious behavior around the area and exchange phone numbers in case of emergency.

    Keep an Emergency Bag Available

    In the event of an injury or fire in the home, it’s important to plan on having critical medication and supplies available right away such as inhalers, heart medication, epinephrine autoinjectors (EpiPens), insulin and others.  Have a bag that is maintained regularly in a place that is easy to grab in a bedroom that is small enough to take with you immediately in an emergency.

  10. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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    Neighbors can be one of the more powerful tools when it comes to security.  Our end-of-summer tip is if you haven’t begun building relationships with your neighbors, maybe it’s time to fire up your grill and get to know the neighbors.

    Familiarity Creates Safety

    Criminals thrive on obscurity.  There is a reason that active local neighborhood watch groups consistently reduce crime.  If someone that doesn’t belong in the neighborhood is seen checking homes for security or seeing which homes might be prime targets for theft, and they are approached or it’s clear that neighbors are keeping track of them, those criminals will typically move on to another area.  Making visible cues that you see unknown people in your neighborhood is a huge deterrent.

    Emergency Plans

    Neighbors can also play a big role in emergency plans.  When your family knows to meet at a certain location if an emergency strikes, such as a house fire, it’s can also be important to have neighbors become a meeting place.  Neighbors can also be familiar with necessary requirements such as whether or not family members require life saving medications such as inhalers or insulin.

    Have Neighbors Check In

    If you are on vacation or out of the home for a day, having neighbors that can check in on your home go a long way to ensure that it’s not a target for theft.  If a criminal suspects your home will be vacant for a few days but can visibly see others checking in on the property, this creates an immediate apprehension to break into the home.

    In addition to a great security system, make sure you invest in your local community as well.  Knowing your neighbors have your back and you have theirs is an easy way to maintain a healthy and safe environment for you and your family.