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  1. Tucson Home Security – Done Right!

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    Tucson Home Security for Over 80 Years!

    Here to remind you about the continual efforts that Central Alarm is striving to ensure that we keep Tucson a safer place to live! We’ve been serving the local Tucson community since 1939. It’s our pleasure to keep all of our customers safe and to bring them along the journey as we develop new ways to keep your home and business protected.

    Latest Technology

    We’re always looking for the latest innovations in security technology. Doorbell cameras, wireless technology, CCTV solutions, mobile apps, keyless entry systems – we’re continually adding new advancements to our product line to our customers so that they always have the latest options available.

    Local Relationships

    Want to work with someone local? You don’t have to sacrifice quality! In fact, we’re typically able to adopt important new innovations much quicker because we are able to roll out new technologies to our customers right here in Arizona because we don’t have as many corporate layers.

    The Right Products for the Job

    We approach your home and business with a fresh set of eyes to recommend solutions that fit your budget and needs. We also want to offer products that balance cost with freedom with new technological advances. By working with one of our knowledgeable technicians, we can cover your home or business the right way using the right tools!

    We’re Available

    As a local business, you can contact us directly right here in Tucson and at our new Pinetop-Lakeside office. Our local staff knows the area and our customers. If you have questions about your security, have any issues, or want to talk about upgrading to features you hear about like doorbell cameras or mobile access, our helpful staff can help you directly without going through a painfully long phone experience. Let us know how we can help you today!


    Find Out How We Can Help Your Home or Business Today!

  2. 5 Ways to Improve Business Security

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    1. Install Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance has come a long way over the years, and solutions are getting better, faster and even more affordable. Today there is little reason not to employ a video surveillance system because of how easy they are to install and how affordable they are. They give you access to remotely view what is happening in and around your business, and can provide remote off-site backups in the cloud to give you even more peace of mind.

    2. Complete a Threat Analysis

    When you work with a security expert, one of the first things that will occur is a threat analysis. This is a crucial step in understanding how best to secure your business, which includes a list of potential security threats, potential solutions and which tools make the most sense. This can include both actions on the part of the business owner as well as recommendations by our security team. We want to properly identify weak points and address those specifically to ensure you have the right solutions in place to guarantee your safety.

    This doesn’t just apply to outside forces acting against you from the exterior. This also includes solutions to address both customer theft as well as employee theft.

    We work with you to determine every possibility in order to employ common sense tools to install and maintain a high level of security for your business.

    3. CCTV Consulting

    Our commercial security experts can work with you to determine what type of video recording technology will work best for your specific situation. We offer a huge range of analog and digital solutions that can meet any of your requirements.

    4. Install Monitored Alarms

    Central Alarm Inc. will always recommend a monitored solution beyond self-monitored. Frankly, there is too much at stake at your business for your own livlihood and those of your employees to save a few dollars and potentially avoid your business from being damaged or burglarized. Any security expert will tell you this is one of the first steps to achieving a defense against attempts to break into your commercial space. Monitored solutions are managed remotely and can immediately tell when something is amiss and begin to notify the appropriate parties.

    We can work with you to determine what system makes the most sense for your business and how these solutions can work for you to make an effective security footprint.

    5. Warn Intruders

    It might sound odd to announce to intruders that you have active recording, but studies clearly back up that criminal behavior is directly dictated by deterrent level. If it is clear that you are recording what is happening on the company premises, you provide a huge incentive for intruders to pass your company by. Posting clear signage and visible cameras around the inside and exterior of your property to make people aware they are being monitored is an excellent way to keep your business safer.

  3. A Warm Welcome to Our White Mountain Community!

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    Pinetop-Lakeside Alarm Solutions

    We would like to say hello to all our new neighbors in the White Mountains area!  We are excited to help you with all of your security needs and can’t wait to meet all of you.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

  4. Not Residential or Commercial Security, But Good AirTag Safety Info

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    While this demonstration isn’t directly related to Residential or Commercial Security, we felt that it was good safety information to know. AirTags are a relatively new technology that brings a completely new element to allow individuals to more readily track various items, or in this case, people.

    Keep your wits about you and maintain a good level of education about what is going on! Stay safe out there, Tucson!

  5. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Central Alarm

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    From our family here at Central Alarm to yours all around Tucson and Southern Arizona – Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year as we wind down what we can all agree was a challenging 2021.  Please stay safe and healthy in this season into the new year and we’ll be looking forward to making 2022 a much better year for everyone right here in Tucson.

    Stay safe and see you in the New Year!

  6. Get 3 Months FREE When You Refer a Friend

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    The Holidays are upon us and Central Alarm wants you to give the gift of security this season! We’re extending our Refer-a-Friend promotion to give you 3 Months FREE!

    This promotion is designed to help your friends, neighbors and family members get the same great local service that you do with proven technology and results at an affordable price. So if you refer someone to Central Alarm and they sign up for service, you get 3 months of you own monitoring completely free. This promotion only applies to residential customers. If you have any questions please Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help!

    Please have a safe and happy holiday season from your friends at Central Alarm!

  7. What to Do In the Event of a Break In

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    The unthinkable has happened – someone has broken into the home during the night.  Now what?  The most important thing is to remember a plan you’ve already come up with, which is why we always recommend that you have a working understanding in your mind of what to do.  Otherwise in a state of adrenalin in the moment, you might make poor choices.  What are some tips to keep in mind in this situation?

    Call 911 Immediately – Get on the phone right away with emergency staff.  In the event of a monitored system being in the home, the authorities likely have already been alerted, but emergency personnel will be able to confirm the moment that police have arrived and when they have cleared the home.  That ensures you can come out safely.

    Weapons Are a Last Resort – Unless you are a trained professional, it is not recommended that you grab a weapon and confront the intruders.  At this point you are unsure how many intruders are in the home and what they are after.  It is far more effective to maintain a distance between you and them in places they cannot easily access.  Weapons should be considered a last resort when the issue is forced.

    Don’t Make a Sound – Remain quiet and stay barred into locked areas that are not easily accessible.  If you can easily escape the home to go to a neighboring home, that is another option.

    Keep Your Car Keys at Hand – Keeping car keys at hand not only shuts off potential get-away vehicles to criminals but at this point you can use the panic button on your remote if you have one.  This kind of noise can also deter criminals and force them to flee.

    Don’t forget that your family is the most important thing to keep safe during these of situations.  Belongings can easily be replaced.  Remember that the actions you take are designed to maintain safety for everyone in the home!

    As always, Central Alarm offers fully monitored solutions that provide the peace of mind you need to ensure the safety of your family.  If you don’t currently have an alarm system in place, or you don’t have one that is monitored, we recommend that you contact us today for a completely free security evaluation and quote.  We have a huge range of options with varying price points and can meet the needs of any budget!

  8. Is Your Home or Business Safe?

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    During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are home for a bit more than usual, if not working from home regularly. This may be an ideal time to look at some of your security measures at home and also at your office.

    Home Owners

    If you haven’t done a security check on your doors, windows and other entries, or have been putting off installing a security system, then this is the right time for both of these steps. This allows you to make an accurate assessment of your property and we can work with you to determine what type of system works best for your family’s safety and budget.

    While most people are hunkered down, there are opportunities for criminals to take advantage. And if more people get desperate because of a long-term community shut down, then you want to ensure you are protected.

    Business Owners

    This is a specific comment to small business owners that have been deemed “non-essential” in the community. If your location is empty, are you adequately protected from theft? If you don’t know the answer to this question, or can’t readily say if a break-in occurs what your immediate next steps are, we invite you to call us today.

    Simple monitoring solutions can ensure that criminals do not take advantage of fewer people being around business properties.

    Don’t Forget – We’re Still Operating!

    The great news is that Central Alarm Inc is still operating and if you have any questions or concerns about your security at home or at your business, our professionals can work with you to make smart and budget conscious decisions. Our teams have been fully trained with personal protective equipment (PPE) in adherence to CDC guidelines and our phone support is second to none.

  9. COVID 19 Health Resources

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    In the midst of the current crisis unfolding, we just wanted to share up to date information from the CDC as it becomes available to our own clients and customers. Click on the link below to learn more:

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  10. Best And Worst Places To Hide A Spare Key

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    If your front door could speak, I’m sure it would have a lot to say. It would remember the first time you walked into your new home, the friends you’ve had walk through it for parties, the times when you walked through crying, and every single moment of your life, big or small, happy or sad. But something that should never walk through your front door? An unwelcome guest.
    Because front doors still use manual house keys, here are some of the best and worst possible hiding spots for your spare.
    Best Spots

    • In or Under your Dog House: This is a great spot to store an extra spare key because, for one, no robber will want to reach in there seeing that your dog will most likely pose as a threat. Dog houses can also be quite large, which means you’ll have more than enough options when it comes to finding a perfect space in their home.
    • With a Trusted Friend./Neighbor/Family Member: Leaving a spare house key with someone you trust can also be beneficial. Not only does it give you an excuse to see them if you lose your current key, but you will know that it’s being kept safe indoors, rather than left outside for someone to find.
    • In your car: We are serious about this! Consider leaving a spare key to your home in your own car. Perhaps maybe in the sun glass holder?

    Worst Spots

    • Under a Door Mat: This is probably the worst place to hide a spare key. Why? It’s the first place that someone would look when trying to enter your home without permission. It’s too obvious, and should always be avoided.
    • Your Wallet: Think about it… if you lose your wallet, not only would that person have all of your information and credit cards, but they would also have the key to your home. Even if you have never lost your wallet, you can avoid a worst-case-scenario by keeping your spare key elsewhere.