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  1. Best And Worst Places To Hide A Spare Key

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    If your front door could speak, I’m sure it would have a lot to say. It would remember the first time you walked into your new home, the friends you’ve had walk through it for parties, the times when you walked through crying, and every single moment of your life, big or small, happy or sad. But something that should never walk through your front door? An unwelcome guest.
    Because front doors still use manual house keys, here are some of the best and worst possible hiding spots for your spare.
    Best Spots

    • In or Under your Dog House: This is a great spot to store an extra spare key because, for one, no robber will want to reach in there seeing that your dog will most likely pose as a threat. Dog houses can also be quite large, which means you’ll have more than enough options when it comes to finding a perfect space in their home.
    • With a Trusted Friend./Neighbor/Family Member: Leaving a spare house key with someone you trust can also be beneficial. Not only does it give you an excuse to see them if you lose your current key, but you will know that it’s being kept safe indoors, rather than left outside for someone to find.
    • In your car: We are serious about this! Consider leaving a spare key to your home in your own car. Perhaps maybe in the sun glass holder?

    Worst Spots

    • Under a Door Mat: This is probably the worst place to hide a spare key. Why? It’s the first place that someone would look when trying to enter your home without permission. It’s too obvious, and should always be avoided.
    • Your Wallet: Think about it… if you lose your wallet, not only would that person have all of your information and credit cards, but they would also have the key to your home. Even if you have never lost your wallet, you can avoid a worst-case-scenario by keeping your spare key elsewhere.
  2. Child-proofing For The Holidays

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    With holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza coming up, you’ll want to make sure that everything is prepared for all of your guests and the festivities! And just as important as it is to protect your home from all angles against robbers, it’s equally important to keep everyone inside your home safe. This is extra important when it comes to looking after small children and babies. Whether you have a child of your own or not, here are some important tips to remember when small children will be running around your home for the holidays!

    • Electrical outlets: Be sure that you have each and every electrical outlet that is not currently being used covered with a protector. Children always have a way of getting into and exploring things. This is one place that should never be explored, by anyone aside from professionals.
    • Gates: It might be in your best interest to install temporary gates leading up staircases or at the doorposts for certain rooms. You should also have a protective gate around a fireplace if you happen to have one in your home. Fireplaces always make for such a wonderful addition to the holiday feel, but can be dangerous for children if they get too close out of curiosity.
    • Hard furniture: To protect children from injuring themselves, make sure that you purchase some corner and edge guards before your festivities take place. Not only will this help protect children, it will probably help people of all ages. Everyone has bumped into an edge of furniture at some point. And it really does hurt!
    • Items: Because children love to play, make sure that things like lamps, picture frames, candles, and any other objects sitting on things like end tables or side tables are secured, or are temporarily moved for the duration of your holiday event. Children can sometimes play recklessly, and you wouldn’t want any of these smaller items falling over and breaking!

    Most importantly, be sure to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!

  3. Celebrities Who Were Robbed (Part 2)

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    Hey there and welcome back to our small two-part series going over some past celebrity-related robbery stories. We feel bad that Paris Hilton had been robbed five times within three months, but she should have been smart enough to know that leaving a key under the door mat is basically a welcome message to robbers! So, want to learn a bit more about who lost what and how much it was worth? We have some additional names you’ll recognize to finish off this series.
    Rachel Bilson
    Again, another case similar to what happened with Paris Hilton! Except Bilson’s case is even worse. In fact, Bilson was robbed an entire 6 times in two months. I suppose the robbers didn’t have much to worry about, though, seeing as the events took place while Bilson was in Canada with her fiancé at the time, Hayden Christiansen. The robbers stole nearly $130,000 worth in items, including all of her designer label clothing and certified vintage shoes.
    Kirsten Dunst
    Back in 2007, which was quite a long time ago now that we think about it, actress Kirstin Dunst was robbed while filming the movie “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” Somehow, a person robbed her Manhattan hotel penthouse suite. They walked away with a whopping handbag worth $13,000, $2,500 in cash, a cell phone, a few credit cards, as well as her “Spider Man” ID card.
    Kate Moss
    Massive supermodel Kate Moss was robbed while she was actually sleeping in her own home in London! The robbers only took three pieces of her artwork, which valued at a pretty substantial amount of money. In fact, one of the paintings that was stolen was a portrait completed by Banksy, which was estimated to be worth nearly $140,000.
    Don’t let this happen to you! Keep yourself and your belongings safe by contacting Central Alarm Security today!

  4. Celebrities Who Were Robbed (Part 1)

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    Statistics will show that the number of robberies that occur while people are out of their homes is much higher than when they are inside of their homes. In a strange way, if someone breaks into your home and you aren’t there, then you might have saved your life with your absence. Additionally, it’s always important to remember that unlike your belongings, your electronics, your photos, etc. you can never be replaced. But sometimes, robbers end up racking in a lot more than only items, they steal a massive amount of wealth.
    Seeing as celebrities seem to be the wealthiest in the country compared to the average person, here are some pretty substantial robberies right out of Hollywood…
    Audrina Patridge
    Back in 2009 on the night of the Academy Awards, a young couple, both man and woman, broke into Audrina Patridge’s house and stole $43,000 worth of items. Some of the items included designer jeans, her passport, laptop, as well as some of her grandmother’s jewelry. She released security camera footage of the scene online in an effort to have the thieves caught, but no one could identify them.
    Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox
    During the fall of 2009, Green and Fox were in New York shooting a film that Green was in. Unfortunately, their long absence cost them, because someone had broken into their home and stolen a few items. Luckily nothing that was stolen was of great significance. Missing objects include a number of Fox’s shirts, as well as a Sig Sauer .380 semi-automatic handgun.
    Paris Hilton
    For whatever reason, Paris Hilton was an extremely easy person to rob. In fact, she was robbed five different times within three months. She must have taken security pretty lax, because the robbers kept using the key she had under the door mat. Altogether, she lost over $2 million worth of items.

  5. Effective Ways To Enhance The Security Of Your Home

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    Home security is a growing concern for many homeowners today. News reports and the general consensus indicate that crime is growing at a steady pace both locally and around the world. As such, it is more important than ever before to pay particular attention to all aspects of home security. Staying safe and secure sometimes simply means following a few simple tips.
    Dogs Are Very Territorial And Will Immediately Alert Homeowners
    For example, an obvious and easy way to greatly enhance the existing security of a home is to simply employ the services of a family dog. It is important to note that it is not necessary to choose a vicious breed of dog. All that is really required is a dog with has a loud bark. Dogs are very territorial and will immediately alert homeowners if a prowler is casing the outside of a home. Burglars, thieves and vandals would simply prefer to avoid any type of confrontation with a dog. In short, dogs can be a great way to complement an existing alarm system.
    The Use Of Automatic Timers
    Another way to greatly reduce the chances of a break-in is to always give the impression that someone is home. Thieves typically roam a neighborhood looking for a house that is clearly unoccupied. The use of automatic timers that turn on internal or external lights at predetermined times can greatly enhance an existing alarm system. Always give burglars and crooks the impression that someone is home. Even timers that are used on TVs and radios can greatly reduce the chances of a break-in when homeowners are away.
    If The Thief Chooses To Break The Glass On A Door Or Window
    Another great strategy that is often overlooked is the use of glass breakage detectors. These unique devices can sense the frequency associated with breaking glass. If a thief chooses to break the glass on a door or window these detectors will immediately trigger an alarm. While standard home alarm systems are very effective at detecting unauthorized entry, glass breakage detectors are a supporting type of system that can further enhance the security of any home. These simple and effective ways of enhancing any existing home security system simply make smart sense in today’s uncertain world. Contact Central Alarm today for the absolute best in Tucson alarm systems and for security advice.

  6. DIY Home Security Ideas Designed To Complement An Alarm System

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    Most security experts would agree that an alarm system is perhaps one of the most important elements of overall home security. However, with that said there are other things that homeowners can do in order to complement an existing alarm system. For example, installing deadbolts is a smart and cost-effective way to greatly enhance an existing alarm system. Deadbolts are stronger and more resistant to tampering.
    Replace The Door With Interior Hinged Hardware
    Another strategy that can be integrated into any overall home security plan is to always use interior door hinges. This is an key strategy that sometimes goes overlooked. Thieves and burglars can easily remove existing hinges when they are on the outside of the door. Check to ensure that your home has no doors with exterior hinges. If you find a door with exterior hinges it is important to have a contractor or other professional come in and replace the door with interior hinged hardware.
    Video Surveillance Cameras Are Typically Wireless
    Homes with sliding glass doors should always use a metal bar in the sliding track to prevent thieves from entering a home by simply taking sliding doors off of their track. Home surveillance systems are another great way to complement an existing alarm system. Today’s modern video surveillance cameras are typically wireless, small and affordable. This makes for adding a video surveillance system easy, convenient and well within the budget of most homeowners. Best of all, video surveillance can be combined with computer technology to allow homeowners to monitor their property from virtually any place in the world.
    Vandals Will Simply Prefer To Move On
    Yard signs are an important aspect of overall home security. While a home alarm system can go a long way in protecting a dwelling, letting would-be thieves know in advance that you have an alarm system is a smart strategy. Thieves and would-be vandals will simply prefer to move on rather than tamper with a home that has clearly stated that it has an alarm system. Finally, always ensure that doors are solid. Use solid metal or solid wood doors throughout your entire exterior. This greatly reduces the possibility of forced break-ins. Complementing existing alarm systems is easy and affordable today thanks to a few simple strategies. Contact Central Alarm to learn more about Tucson alarm systems that are designed to produce results.

  7. Simple Measures Designed To Improve Overall Home Security

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    While an alarm system that protects the interior of the home can go a long way in keeping homeowners safe, there are a few things that can be done outdoors that will complement any existing alarm system. Best of all, these supporting security measures are affordable, easy to implement and can serve to greatly enhance security levels throughout a home. One of the most obvious ways to enhance any existing security system is to add generous amounts of outdoor lighting.
    Strategically Placed Outdoor-Lighting
    A home that is well lighted is far less likely to be compromised than a home that lacks adequate outdoor lighting. Exterior lighting is affordable and typically easy to install. From motion detector spotlights to other types of strategically placed outdoor lighting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to lighting the outside of a home. Thieves, burglars and vandals despise the very idea of light. These people operate in the shadows and will simply move on when light is a part of the equation.
    Timers Can Be Digital Or Manual
    Make it tough on would-be thieves by keeping the exterior of your home extremely well lit at all times. Lighting timers are another great way to make the best use of exterior lighting. This is especially useful when on vacation or away from home. Timers that turn lights on and off create the illusion that someone is home. These timers can be digital or manual and can typically be found at a local hardware store. This is an extremely affordable solution that can greatly enhance a homeowner’s level of security.
    Keep A Home Safe And Secure Your Round
    Landscaping is another important concern that must be addressed as a way to complement an existing alarm system. Tall trees, heavy shrubbery and bushes can all make for perfect hiding places. Thieves enjoy the cover of shrubbery and will use landscaping to their advantage. Make it as difficult as possible for thieves by simply keeping trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed back as much as possible. When landscaping is well manicured and trimmed and lighting is bright and obvious, the chances of a break in are greatly reduced. These simple outdoor measures when integrated with a quality alarm system can keep a home safe and secure year round. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson alarm systems that provide excellent protection.

  8. Great Home Security Tips For Homeowners

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    Staying safe and secure in todays increasingly uncertain world sometimes means following a few simple tips. For example, an often overlooked and very important aspect of home security is to make a record of all a home’s contents. This is especially important with regard to valuables such as jewelry, electronics and other expensive items. Even a video camera can be used to make a record of all the items in a home. Once a record has been made is important to store this information in a safe place.
    Drilling A Hole Where The Windows Overlap
    Another great security tip for homeowners that can complement a quality alarm system includes reinforcing windows. Windows can actually be one of the weakest parts of a home. While today’s modern windows already include good locking mechanisms, homeowners can re-double the level of security in windows by simply drilling a hole where the windows overlap and installing a nail or other type of metal rod. This makes defeating a window locking mechanism virtually impossible. A security bar can also be used in ground-level windows as a way to further increase window security.
    Never Leaving Keys Outside Of Your Home
    With regard to keys it is important never to hide keys outdoors in a secret or undisclosed location. Thieves are very smart and know that homeowners often hide keys outdoors. Avoid the potential for a break-in by never leaving keys outside of your home. In addition, leaving keys with friends, neighbors and others is simply not a good idea. Keys can be duplicated, lost or stolen. Prevent the potential for unauthorized entry by always replacing the locks in your home if keys are unaccounted for or floating around outside your home.
    It Is Important To Reinforce Existing Locks
    Doorstops are another vital security measure that should always be considered. Standard door locks can be picked and manipulated. As such, it is important to reinforce existing locks, add deadbolts and provide for doorstops. This combined with a peephole can greatly increase the overall security of any home. Best of all, all these measures can be incorporated when a comprehensive professionally installed security alarm system is also added to a home. Today’s modern security systems are more affordable and more accessible than ever before. This is good news for homeowners. Contact Central Alarm today for the best in Tucson alarm systems.

  9. Halloween Safety Tips For Your Home (Part 2)

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    Welcome back! We hope that you’ve enjoyed part one of this two part series about how you can better protect your home and your belongings this upcoming Halloween. In the first part of the series, we covered three different ways on how you can protect your home and your vehicle. Here are additional ways in which you can protect your belongings:

    • If you’ve decided to turn your home into a crazy, scary, haunted house, you’ll have to be extra careful when protecting your furniture and decorations. If you’re planning on doing this, choose one simple path that people are forced to walk through. This way, no one will be wandering around your home, uninvited. Second, be sure to block off parts of your home. You can do this with things like rope, tarp, or moving around large pieces of furniture. This would make it difficult for anyone to stray from the path. Second, remove any objects that people would be inclined to steal. While it would be difficult for someone to walk away with your television unnoticed, smaller items such as bowls, etc. are easy for someone to store away under a costume or in their candy bag. Therefore, be sure to move them into a different room where no one can reach them.
    • While Halloween decorations have become more and more intense and complex over the years, it’s important to be careful if you’ve included using any fire or flammable objects in your decorations. For instance, while it’s common to put tea candles in your jack-o-lanterns, consider using battery powered ones instead. They might be more expensive than ordinary tea lights, but they are far safer than the latter.

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed and this two-part series informing you on how to keep your belongings and home safe this Halloween! Remember, while it’s important to be safe, you should also be having fun!

  10. Halloween Safety Tips For Your Home (Part 1)

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    With Halloween right around the corner, your home’s security should be one of your top priorities, next to ensuring that you, your family, and your friends all have a great time! With a slew of people walking around the streets going Trick-or-Treating and people welcoming strangers up to their doorsteps and sometimes even letting them through their homes to walk through a haunted-house setup, it’s easy to lose track of how you could be better protecting yourself and your belongings.
    This Halloween, don’t let yourself or your home be taken advantage of by following these important tips!

    • If you won’t let people enter your home (i.e. to pass through an intricate haunted house), be sure to keep your front door locked at all times. This is useful if you’ll be sitting on your front yard passing out candy. Keeping your door locked will help to ensure that no unwanted Trick-or-Treaters make their way into your house. This also applies to things like side-gates and back doors.
    • If you’ll be handing out candy with friends, make sure that no one drinks too much. This is especially important for both young and older adults. While having a few drinks with your friends on Halloween is always a good time, it’s unsafe and not smart to have anyone drink too much. Not only are they putting themselves at risk if they were to get into a car and drive home, being drunk could lead to carelessness about keeping your doors locked, and belongings protected.
    • If possible, keep your car in the garage and not on the sidewalk. While Halloween is always a fun holiday, far too often do we hear stories of cars getting egged, or damaged when kids are running around the neighborhood. In order to keep your car safe, make sure it’s safely parked in the garage, or covered if you have to park it on the side of the road.