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Access Control Solutions

Card Access Control systems have become one of the industry standards for maintaining a higher level of security without sacrificing convenience. Additionally, they provide multiple additional layers of security such as detailed records of accessed areas and the ability to easily add or remove access to employees in seconds.

A hard key system have several security risks. Hard keys can be easily duplicated without your knowledge. The unwarranted time needed to track down those hard keys from employees. When hard keys are lost, stolen, or unaccounted for, the entire key system has to be replaced. A card access system provides answers to each of these issues and more in one single solution.

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Central Alarm utilizes access control products that can grow dramatically with your home or business needs. Access control allows you to enter a building, gate, elevator, door, etc. Not only will it unlock the door or device, it will also give you a simple report and audit trail as to who opened or closed, “when and where”.

Access control solutions will provide extensive advantages to your organization over traditional entry methods, which include:

Contact us today and our professionals will work with you to replace your entire existing vulnerable locking system with a state of the art electronically installed access system.