Residential Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Today, just about every home is equipped with smoke detectors. These smoke detectors are perfect if you are home and can hear them in the event of a fire. With Central Alarm Inc. smoke detectors, you get 24/7 fire protection, whether you are home or away. Our smoke detectors alert our monitoring station when smoke or heat is detected, and our operators dispatch the fire department right away. This means that you, your family, pets, and home are always kept safe. At Central Alarm Inc., your safety is our main priority! In a home fire, every single second counts. Here are some of the standards we adhere to in order to ensure your safety:

*Smoke Ring Technology

The 1166 Wireless Smoke Ring can be installed with any traditional AC-powered interconnected smoke detector system. Traditional smoke detectors only provide an audible alert in the event of a fire. The 1166 monitors the interconnected smoke detector system and sends a message to the alarm panel when any smoke detector is triggered. Only one 1166 is required per smoke detector system. Compatible smoke detectors: BRK Brands Model 7010B, Kidde Model i4618, First Alert BRK Model 9120B, Kidde Model i12040, USI Electric Model 5304.

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