This company has secured my business and home. With security, video. Fire. Remote viewing. Arming dis arming auto arm and guard response along with 24 hour top notch service dept.

I’m even able to view everything for my home and business from my smart phone or desk.
I’m even able to lock and unlock my door from my phone.

One day my father inlaw came over and left a skillet on the stove and left the house filled with smoke and alarm went off. They dispatched fire and called me . I was able to view from my phone and relay to 911 that their was no fire as I was watching fire dept outside my house. I was able to keep from having my door broke down and was able to unlock it from my phone. I have had this company for over 23 years and love that they are local. Thanks to a great family owned and operated local business.



Central Alarm has been in the security business for over 75 years providing highly reliable security products for both home and businesses. Along with being professional and affordable, Central Alarm carries all the latest products and services available on the market. They do it all, and they do it well, a highly recommended company!



Great Company!!!!
Bruce Tennenbaum E.A.T


We have been using Central Alarm for many years; time for a way past due review! They are a local company that uses current electronics including wireless. The company stays on top of new innovations and demands. We have always had exceptional 24 hour service with knowledgeable and friendly staff. We have a full service plan and wouldn’t do it any other way. Their response times are very fast! We also had smoke/ fire alarms installed and now have complete piece of mind. They have an alarm dispatch center that is amazing, I have toured it. Many years with this company and never had any problems. They are both commercial and residential.



Super fast response, very knowledgeable, good competitive rates, and based right here in Tucson. I”m very happy we decided to go with Central Alarm. I selected them based off of their reviews for both my house and my mother’s house, and I hope this review helps others choose them as well.



Central Alarm is my choice for both home and business. In fact, my son recently chose them to put in an alarm system at his home too. This is a local Tucson company and their service and quality is excellent. Their pricing is also very competitive. In choosing an alarm company you want piece of mind about your security, and Central Alarm delivers!



Great Service from Derick. It is nice to be able to talk to a person and have a response and be given options for your home service, I am grateful for keeping us secure.

Thanks again, Mike


I have used Central Alarm for over 25 years in my business. We connected 6 locations and as technology evolved, we added security cameras to our largest location. The camera system eliminated the thefts in our construction yard and shoplifting in our stores. Central Alarm always performed when I needed them and the service and follow up is excellent.