Our first tip seems obvious. Yes, you want to keep your doors locked. But a surprisingly large number of break-ins and home invasions occur straight through an unlocked door, or barring that an unlocked window. If you enjoy opening doors or windows in the evenings to let in cool air, we advise that you install locking mechanisms on windows that allow them to crack open a few inches only. Security screens for front and back doors are an excellent investment to enhance security if you like to leave doors open similarly.

2. Keep a Tidy Yard

Criminals are opportunistic in behavior. They want to spend the least effort for the most again. If your yard has a lot of debris and isn’t kept up, that is an opportunity for a thief to use the nearby environment to break a window and gain access to the property. Also, tidy yards show clear signs that something isn’t right if a window is broken or there is debris nearby.

This also applies to tools. If you leave tools nearby like screwdrivers or even ladders simply lying around, these are very simple ways that a burglar can gain quicker access to a home.

3. Don’t Provide Places for Thieves to Hide

We’ve covered this before, and a bit in #2, but maintain high visibility around your property. There is nothing wrong with having a good amount of vegetation in your yard, but engineer your plants in a way that provides clear sight-lines to entry areas of the home such as bedroom windows or your front porch. If a burglar can take their time breaking a lock with no one seeing them, your home will be targeted above others in the neighborhood that have good visibility to the front porch.

4. Install an Alarm System

While we are an alarm system provider and installer, the research is clear: homes with alarm systems are targeted significantly less than those without a system. The simple presence of an alarm system is enough to make most criminals pass your home by unless there is a stronger motivation for them to access the home. As a local alarm provider, you might be surprised with the affordability of some of our solutions even comparing our plans with DIY alarm systems that are gaining popularity.

5. Secure sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors have notoriously flimsy locks. Savvy criminals can bypass most sliding glass door locks in seconds and it provides a large, easy entry into the home. In order to solve this problem, simply purchase and install a security bar. This small investment provides an huge benefit to your safety and security. We recommend these on both windows and doors, but specifically ensure they are installed on all sliding doors in the home.

6. Improve Lighting

Our final tip is a simple and cost effective one. Improving the lighting around your home, such as porch lights, exterior floodlights, lighting near windows, etc will play a significant role in deterring burglars. A great investment is motion detection spotlights that don’t require lighting to be on all night.